Mother of AFC Chairman dies in vehicle accident


ROAD-ACCIDENT[] – The mother of Alliance For Change Chairman Nigel Hughes passed away on Sunday August 16 after she was involved in a vehicular accident.

According to information reaching iNews, Christobel Hughes was involved in an accident on Saturday evening on Middleton Street, Campbelville.

The mother of the prominent politician was at the time being driven by another son when another vehicle crashed into them.

Initial reports indicate that the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence of alcohol when the accident took place.

The woman’s son received minor injuries



  1. Are we as a people _Guyanese so far apart that even in tragic circumstances as this politics finds its way in. What you sow you will reap.Will you expect others to act like you when your turn comes. SHAME SHAME SHAME!

  2. My deepest sympathy to the family, however, it was the same people who were saying that they will control accident when they in power , what happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Such a tragic end to such a beautiful productive life! Condolences to the Hughes Family members.

  4. Sorry for the poor woman but her
    son defend these same criminals that take other innocent people life now he is in the oppersite chair.


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