Indian rights group concern over targeting of professionals; wants PPP to demand inquiry

President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015
President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015
President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015

[] – The Indian Action Committee (IAC) says it is concern with the recent instant firing of the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power & Light (GPL), Bharrat Dindyal.

In a statement, the IAC noted that the manner in which the former CEO was made to relinquish his post will precipitate much disquiet among employees of the State, especially those of East Indian extraction.

“The IAC firmly believes that the related and seemingly prevailing sentiments of uneasiness is also not only counterproductive to an efficient and fearless discharge of duties by Public Servants, but is contrary to the government’s position of inclusiveness and national unity. Given the manner of Mr. Dindyal’s dismissal and those who suffered similar prior, it appears that an extremely difficult environment is being created for professionals of certain ethnic background to function,” the IAC noted.

It is in this context that the IAC urges the government to re-examine its position regarding such issues in an effort to better forge the unity and professionalism, which it continues to articulate, within the Public Sector.

“If it were that his dismissal was not a deliberate act, then it brings to the fore the seeming lack of a clear mechanism by the government to foster professionalism with respect to State employees and the management of the human resources therein.”

In the recent past, the IAC had voiced similar concerns over the dismissal of Guyanese, more specifically, Indo-Guyanese. The IAC believes that if such actions of what appears to be arbitrary dismissals were to continue unabated, fear would be instilled within the mindsets of workers.

“This can only have negative redounding effects on the country as a whole thereby negating the renewed efforts to build a socially cohesive society.”

In urging the government to re-examine its related policy, the IAC also calls on the PPP Opposition, when it takes up its seats in the National Assembly, to ensure these issues are represented at the highest institution of the land as a priority.

“The IAC respectfully opines that the Opposition may want to consider calling for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the termination of services of affected Public Servants and perception that Indo- Guyanese are being unfairly targeted for sanction and\dismissal.”




  1. These folks don’t really believe what they are saying. They are only trying to act militant on the instructions of the PPP to rally the faithful (or at least the gullible ones) and prevent them from abandoning ship.

  2. Reaping what you sowed and not liking it?
    It has always been the Guyanese Indian way to play the victim and then trying to use it to blackmail the government.
    This particular ex CEO never acted as a professional as of late so should not expect to be treated as one.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head the money was discovered in PRIVATE BANKS. The public funds are supposed to be PUBLIC, not hidden away in PRIVATE banks where no one knows about it. Go back and read the papers, the money was DISCOVERED.

  4. Why do we have a group for one nation,We are all GUYANESE,,,,get rid of the race thing and start racing to building a UNITED GUYANA,,,

  5. Dose23 those jobs are for real people,you kind only do jobs that they can thief,look at the news today and see who join the army,REAL MEN AND WOMEN,we serve not Drink rum and kill ppl,,stop your RACIST bull shit the truth is in the mirror,

  6. We need to stop this senseless crusade of pitting one race against another because Guyana is a country that is multicultural and multi-ethnic in its composition.
    If the painful tragedies of the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Afghanistan cannot serve to wake up the nation from its deep slumber then they will have to learn the bloody hard way.

    Rwanda paid a dear and costly price in terms of ethnic cleansing that left close to 1 million people dead or injured. Is this the route Guyana is going to ultimately choose or will we rise above the pettiness of race, colour, creed and class once and for all? We must seek to realise our manifest destiny as decent human beings.

    Power and democracy are no guarantees of ending human under-development because Mahatma Gandhi once said that poverty is the greatest form of violence.
    Is President David Granger and Bharat Jagdeo and their respective cohorts even remotely aware that there is something that is of greater importance than either of them or their narrow aims & objectives? In case, they are lost we are speaking here about the future of Guyana where people of all races can choose to live with self respect and human dignity.

    We demand ethical and respectable leaders, not those hell bent on fostering years of hatred. We demand forgiveness, national healing and reconciliation failing which we will be the bitter harvesters of arrested development and the chaos that comes in the form of ‘a failed state’.

  7. I am so sick of the PPP and their hypocritical behaviour for 23 years they ran every thing and excluded Afro Guyanese we have never created any such commission to have an inquiry into why Afro Guyanese do not have the same jobs like the Indians. Now they are pointing fingers and making wild accusations, about witch hunting, ethnic cleansing, and the now government is allowing a crime wave.

    If my memory serves me right. The Pee Pee Pee. during their time in office there was Phantom gang, death squad and black clothes…..heading these groups were allegedly jagdeo’s right hand man Roger Khan , and business man Rajput. Now how is God’s name these evil people stand in parliament and put down the Granger administration of any thing.

    Let the record show the Pee Pee Pee at one time had no money to pay teachers and policemen. They have no shame….let him check their history in office for 23 years.

  8. ”…ONE ETHNIC GROUP dominated EVERY FACET of Public Life..” NO SIR!! take a look at the employees of GRA, Immigration, NIS, Police, GDF, Post Office.THD, the entire civil service.. You name it, every public institution/department is dominated by AFRO Guyanese. Your comment is far from reality. Don’t try to throw dust in the people’s eyes. That’s a barefaced LIE you are trying to propagate.

  9. ”………Bharrat and his cohorts kept filling their pockets with the public money and has left the country near bankrupt”
    Sandra, how could you be so dotish? If the country is bankrupt, how come the Granger administration want to move in excess of $60 billion from private banks to the Consolidated Fund whatever that is? How come country’s foreign reserves is in excess of 1/2 billion US dollars? How is it that the budget of 221billion dollars presented in parliament and not one sentence in the entire budget speaks of revenue earnings but expenditure within this current year which is almost at an end? Where did the money come from? Oh how these PNC supporters can swallow line, hook and sinker everything they hear from Harmon and company!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

  10. Ignorance is bliss. You ask if the Guyana dollar went up since the Government got into power, tell me what has happened to the Canadian dollar, the Chinese dollar, the Venezuelan dollar, the Euro, have they gone up? You guys can pull the wool over the eyes of the people who are not savvy to your misinformation. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Bharrat and his cohorts kept filling their pockets with the public money and has left the country near bankrupt, but the smoke and mirrors still does not sink into the heads of some of you. Go to the international community and you will find out what they though of what went on in Guyana and the amount of money the said was siphoned off from the public funds .

  11. hmm. IAC?. Is that Neaz Subhan in the photo? I don’t suffer from Alzheimer but I am guessing a lot of you forgot Neaz was leading protests in Regent Street in 1997?

  12. Why are you complaining? You are the one, if I recalled said that the APNU should win and make the PPP choke! Now that the APNU is acting Racist, your words are changing? Jagdeo may have done a speech and point out Racism….but the APNU actions of Racism speaks louder than their words….Since they went into power has Guyana economy change? Last time I check the Guyana dollar value has not gone up 1 penny! Did they create more jobs? Where is the data? Has crime rate reduced? —ooo wait it has doubled! The ONLY thing APNU has done since they have gone into power is -come on the media everyday to preach the BADs of the PPP….nothing else for the local people! Guyana will now have a taste of the PNC government….for the next 40 years they will install ministers of their kinds to rig elections, forcing the indians them to migrate due to high crime rate. Many can degrade Bharrat Jagdeo, but in fact, most indians sit at home as see one Indian become rich, their inside start tear up instead of being happy for him….Bharrat can simply leave Guyana today with the wealth he has and go live off it for this rest of his life happily in his Florida Mansion without stress! BUT the man choose to stay living in a third world country to fight for his people….yet MOST in return has a big cutlass ready to stab him in the back….It is ONLY a matter of time before the indians in Guyana realized what is happening within the APNU government….remember Nagamotoo is a complete dunce hence why Jagan never promoted him within the PPP administration forcing him to run to the devil! Greed and power will speak for itself instead of installing people who is wise for the job…US study Guyana history wisely to determine how to get the maximum benefit out of the OIL wealth found….they know PNC will drive Guyana into thief, loot, crime shifting the focus off the economy that was stable under the PPP….Guyana dollar will go from 1 US =207 GT dollar to 1US=600 GT Dollar by the time APNU is done in power…..same thing Burhnam/Hoyte did….God bless Guyana heading down the bottom of the Atlantic!

  13. These people are such hypocrits. But on the other hand they are doing what is expected and that is to represent their own. Wish more Afro Guyanese would do the same. Now for the facts under the ppp Afro Guyanese were kicked out in droves. just about all of government agencies and corporations were headed by indians. The media headed by indians. The diplomatic service at the ambassadorial level indians. Where were these two faced people then when Afro Guyanese were marganilized and unemployed. In some cases pensions and gratuities were denied. What are you complaining about now.

  14. Cannot recall y’all breaking your backs to create Guyana?.. You lost the election so stop demanding what you think you’re owed and get over it…. This new government have time on their hands giving you all the time of day….

  15. So happy to discover that the PPPC Ramotar Government was devoid of the slightest inkling of racism. It is nice toNow that the shoe is on the other foot, Indo Guyanese are experiencing what Afro Guyanese endured for 23 years and you complan? We’ll deal with it.

  16. Boohoo… who cares they said take the vote situation to international what happen with that.??..the same thing is going to happen with the indian committee …..this just confirms how racist you people are. The Pee Pee Pee like to dish it out but cannot take it when it is given back. You had 23 years go stop complaining now.

  17. Is this the professional who was berating a colleague with expletives in front of a number of people? In North America, he would be fired on the spot.

  18. let me say this to all of the bloggers did u all satisfied with the ceo action on a work sight? or the money that he recieves when the month comes and the ordinary educate ones are left out there to suffer , he has no regard for ppl thats not allowed evry body is some body time for him to go .

  19. Reference INDIAN RIGHTS?

    I recall when the PPP/C two administrations were in power, they had no qualms in ensuring that ONE ETHNIC GROUP dominated EVERY FACET of Public Life, and Positions in Guyana. Followed by intrinsic Nepotism everywhere else.

    So don’t tell Guyanese about Fairness, Ethnic Cleansing, or Justice, not being served by the current government.

    Because that is just pandering to the Ignorant, Gullible, and Prejudiced like yourselves.

  20. some guyanese thinks gpl is a cake shop,that there is no system of employment ,now this goverment the right thing and some people have a problem ,i am that person never pay a light bill maybe from now because that was the norm,

  21. It seems as if the real “intellectual authors” are on the path to rid guyana of the competent professionals this country produces. Why must the govt balantly continue to marginalise against one ethnic group. It seems as if only the indo guyanese group have the helm of most of the top organisations but that’s far from the truth.. where are the trade union leaders.. can’t hear from them because is their govt in power.. and they are good with the happening esp with d sacking of many mangers whom are being accused of having interference with the policy of the govt. Let it had been a afro guyanese,then you would have see the uproar from all of the radically biased and ethnically perversed groups. Too much more to add but like I said before “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”..

  22. It is good that the IAC has sought audience with the President to discuss this issue, and equally nice to note that the President has hosted them. Let’s all hope that everyone will be satisfied after the discussions have concluded. History placed all of us as neighbours – as fellow Guyanese – so we have to live together in Peace & Love. One Love. God Bless Guyana.

  23. What were doing when one type of ppl were enjoying all the big state jobs?
    I think they have to be careful on the way they approach this issue.

  24. We need to publicise this issue internationally and continue to expose the racist actions of the Granger gang.


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