No different % wage increase for gov’t VIPs – iNews Poll

The David Granger administration.
The David Granger led administration.
The David Granger led administration.

[] – Government officials should not be given a wage increase which differs from that of the ordinary public servant, says the majority of persons in an iNews Poll.

The results of the poll show that 83% of respondents do not believe that government officials such as Ministers, Vice Presidents and Presidential Advisors should be given any different increase.

A minor 14.5% of the respondents however believed that the salary increases should differ while 2.5% of the respondents are undecided on the issue.

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman had pacified rumours that the APNU+AFC administration will be taking immediate steps to increase the salaries of its officials.

Early August, news broke that the new government, after 12 weeks in office, would be looking to increase the salaries of Ministers, Parliamentarians and Presidential Advisors.

Trotman at a post cabinet media briefing on August 05, however made it clear that while the salaries are currently being reviewed, it will not be implemented any time soon.

In fact, Trotman told reporters that that government has noted with some amount of “amusement” the 100% hike in salaries being quoted in some sections of the media.



  1. Thank you for being honest, Some of us do want to see Guyana a better South American country….having said that the Pee Pee Pee wants to destroy it!!!

  2. This man Granger, Guyana is blessed to have him as our Leader. This human being has to be one of the most decent individual God has ever given Guyana and its people. So as a nation let us accept and bless. This man is the only man that will ever bring Peace and Unity to our people. The most important aspect of this is that he is born to get Guyana out of the bondage of the PPP Scumbags which dragged us through darkness for the past 23 years. Long live President David Arthur Granger. This is the best thing ever happened to the Guyanese population after the PPP Scumbag govt.


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