Dindyal’s dismissal was due to political interference – Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran
Ralph Ramkarran

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran has weighed in on the dismissal of Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power & Light (GPL),Bharrat Dindyal, saying it was due to some amount of political interference.

On August 14, the APNU+AFC administration moved to dismiss Dindyal stating that his contract with the state-owned company had come to an end on December 31, 2014 and that it was not renewed.

“Mr. Dindyal continued to serve as GPL CEO based on what was described as “an understanding” between himself and the previous subject minister, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. No written documentation has been provided with regard to this “understanding,” a government release had noted.

Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal
Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal

According to the government, based on information provided, this “understanding” was apparently for a six month period which commenced on January 1, 2015 and concluded on June 30, 2015.

But Ramkarran in his weekly blog believes that Dindyal was the first real victim of political interference under the APNU+AFC administration and warned that he won’t be the last.

“He has stood up and resisted in times past in different circumstances – this political culture in much of the Third World that infects our political system as well, embraces the type of gross political interference and insubordination which Dindyal perceived and which he protested. Political interference crushes all those in its path who attempt to resist. There were many from recent PPP governments. Dindyal is the first known victim since the elections and will not be the last unless the Government breaks with this culture,” said the Former Speaker.

The insubordination, according to Ramkarran, was displayed towards the former CEO by his Deputy, Colin Welch. In the last week a video surfaced on social media which depicted Welch and Dindyal in a nasty exchange involving the use of expletives.

“Dindyal resisted gross and continued insubordination from his deputy, which was supported by the Minister. Dindyal’s display of rage is not what did him in. His dismissal was prompted by his resistance to the insubordination and the exposure of the political involvement,” said Ramkarran.

He also pointed out that Dindyal is one of the best and most dedicated managers in the State system and his dismissal will not sit well with those who are “ethnically sensitive.”

“The manner of the dismissal of Bharat Dindyal, the CEO of the GPL, one of the best and most dedicated managers in the State system, will send shivers down the spines of the ethnically sensitive. In justifying his dismissal, a not too subtle attempt was made to portray his continued employment without a written contract, even though he was continuing on the job only until a replacement could be found, as some sort of sinister plot,” Ramkarran noted.

Government is still to find a replacement for the former CEO.



  1. That is the biggest load of B.S I have read in a long time. You my friend are part of the problem and not the solution and most likely reside abroad and speaking out of on sheer ignorance.

    Stop drinking the cool-aid and do us all a favor and stay where you are, Guyanese needs less of your mentality.

  2. This Guy should be sinking in the bottom of the Atlantic for his crooked behavior! Before elections he was bad mouthing the PPP….that Jagdeo speak of Racism…now he is on news bad taking APNU that their actions is Racism….it is the beginning or many mores that the Indians in Guyana will face under the current PNC….Granger is no better than Burnham/Hoyte/Green…..they will take Guyana into the bottom of the Atlantic in time to come….They are firing all the Indians and put in their own dummies who they can control….when they say switch the lights off -we are going for a LOOT -this clown will follow their instructions! Since APNU took power, the economy has not improve a single point, crime rate has doubled and they are securing them selves by installing their own people to assume power for the next 30 years…..I hope all the Indians in USA and CANADA are observing these actions carefully and in time to come will be crying blood for their family that are stuck in Guyana! Guyanese are like that….greedy, jealous people….they all see Jagdeo Rich and they feel they can get rich by installing APNU…Jagdeo could have chosen to leave Guyana (a third world country) to live a better life in Florida but the man choose to stay there and fight for his people….ONLY time will catch up to you all under the APNU…..wait and see…moses is a complete dunce who will soon be replaced as well….why you think Jagan never promoted him when he was in the PPP….his education is low!

  3. These people do not understand the meaning of not performing to the standards expected especially when drawing such a high salary… Unfortunately PPP celebrates mediocrity and lowest common denomination in performance. He should have been shown the door years ago as GPL standards were slipping down the toilet..

  4. Is this the appropriate response for another point of view, Sir? This attitude is like take it or leave. You have no right to chase people from their homeland because of a point of view that differs from yours and your allies. Partiality does not seem to make for true dialogue.

  5. Some things about Dindyal people have to understand. He intended to stay at GPL and enjoy the super salary until chronic illness killed him. Every time his contract ends he says he is going and he never does. This was going on for years and no wonder if he is getting US$30,000.00 plus perks and fringe benefits per month for doing god knows what. Welch may have felt forced to seek ministerial involvement because of Dindyal and the Human Resource Director history of barefacedly protecting indo-Guyanese wrongdoers. If Welch was insubordinate what was Dindyal when he spoke about the f_ _ _king minister and about somebody jailing Welch s_ _nt with junior employees there. Is that fine with Ramkarran? Dindyal did not trip because Welch was insubordinate but because he saw his absolute power being steadily curtailed. People were gaining courage to stand up to him even though he was behaving like PPP still in power, like the senior female employee who let him have it after he took off on her. With regard to the ‘nasty exchange involving the use of expletives’, I watched the tape and all the venom and expletives came from Dindyal. Welch was quite subdued. If Ramkarran is defending this behavior I would now have to view him differently.
    Finally, who say Dindyal is a good manager. He is a meddlesome, know all, political stooge and one man show who suppresses talent and qualified personnel in favour of personal loyalty. GPL is better off without this despotic, tin-pot dictator. Let him go his merry way

  6. Mr. Ramkarran got it all wrong. For his information Dindyal is the ultimate political animal who became CEO by sneaking to the office of the president behind his predecessor (Robin Singh) back, undermining his authority and forcing him to resign suddenly. Dindyal resists political pressure? Since when? Just before election he gave away the company land to build a cereal factory at Essequibo under political pressure. When he and the board were not getting along he boasted that ‘big guns’ could protect him. He wanted senior staff to bow down low and reverently before PPP politicians in places where PPP was dominant but not before APNU or PNC politicians where APNU or PNC was dominant.. He was on a drive to fix up two party hacks, with senior positions ahead of better candidates although one had a long corruption rap sheet. The election results thwarted that.Dindyal does not delegate and seek to develop subordinates. He wants to do everything himself and meddle in everything to paint himself as the salvation and subordinates as incompetent. This is how he was able to extort a steadily increasing super salary out of government. And that is why the top technical manager got fed up and left several months ago. Dindyal would rather promote a loyal person or a ‘harmless’ person than a capable person with an independent opinion. He badmouths those.
    Good Riddance to bad rubbish.

  7. What ethnic discrimination? The PPP regime refused to renew Dindyal’s contract in January, so he was operating on some unwritten understanding with former PM Hinds.
    To me, that meant he was on his way out. Now, what did you say about the deputy CEO who paid himself $27m and transferred it to his NY bank account after which he fled to Canada?
    I see racial discrimination in which a lot of Indians helped themselves and we’re helped, but who dared bitch and complain?

  8. They can invest elsewhere, because the culture of corruption has to stop. No more buying favors from the PPP.

  9. Ralphie,

    I agree with you that political interference was at play here, except that the interference came from the PPP regime.
    If Dindyal was this good at a reported GY$6m or US$30,000 a month, then why would there be an ‘understanding between himself and former PM Sam Hinds’ instead of a formal contract extension?
    The fact that he was not given a formal extension last January meant he was on his way out, so stop peddling your victim mentality cap that others will also be shown the door. After 23 years of blind political loyalty by most PPP appointees, it is high time to clean house. Good riddance.
    And why should anyone be paid US$30,000 in Guyana to run GPL, given it is not a profit-making entity?

  10. Ramjattan? Moses? Can you guys hear? Are you comfortable with what’s happening? Have you gone dumb because of the comforts of the big offices you have recently occupied? Does the AFC still have a voice? Is APNU choking you to death with your eyes open? What will you go and tell your Indian supporters during the next campaign


  12. His is asininity masquerading as reason. If Dindyal was such a professional why did not the previous Government enter into a long term contract extension with him, If Dindyal was such a professional how did the board members pay themselves exorbitant amounts in bonuses ( one was paid $27.million dollars) and he as chief executive was unaware of this. If Dindyal had the managerial and professional skills why couldn’t he communicated with the public and without using expletives about the Minister of the Govt how has the oversight of GPL.If he has or had the professionalism and managerial capabilities he would have earned the respect of his subordinates and would not have had to engage in a crass exchange with them. Ralph Ramkarran needs to learn something about management and professionalism and their necessity as essential elements forthe administration of any business much more an entity such as GPL. Using the race card is rubbish and stupidity meant only to incite the fools and racists

  13. SweetiecakesYou are the racist here and this shows how narrow your mind is. This man, whilst not most professional, is the reason why GPL is provides stable power today.

    When you want to talk, talk facts. The biggest crock in GPL is dorrie Johnson, who is a government supplier. Let them investigate her, especially for the bill direct fraud and you will see who are the real thieves.

  14. Is there an AFC anymore? ?? It’s more of a free for all now , who get it take it and who can’t get it walk the walk of shame classic example his excellency doc v.ramayya

  15. Ramkarran you are such suttle racist and do you honestly think that Bharat,s uncute and unprofessional behaviour doesnt not required sanction???in one part of the video he said to MR WELCH “go and tell the fing Minister”.Thats a smack of disrespect,arrogance and pomposity on Bharats part.Who does he think he is?no man is indispensible and his behavoiur coupled with other matters warrant his dismissal.Thats the way he was treating his staff under the corrupt PPP administration.The time is now and he has to go and there are many more like him to go.New administration,new competitent ,qualified,professionals not the ghetto rats like the CEO the cuss bird.

  16. I do not agree with the elderly ex PPP officio but respect his right to that view.
    Mr R needs to contextualize his missive and sensibly analyse what the PPP did with places like Guysuco.
    Many managers were made political scapegoats at the PPP’s alter of nepotism and his analysis will needlessly put a chock on his selective thinking.
    Lets start with Subby Rampertabh, he was sanctioned for dismissal by Robert and Nick Jackson because he dared to mention that the PPP was planning the closure of the West Demerara Estates. The Guy was made a scapegoat under the pretex that that he mixed up some sales and delivery of some sort.
    Dukhia was asked to resinged because Robert felt that he could not have dealt with him at a professional level.
    Bahadur was made a scapegoat for the dismal performance of EDE in 2008 performance that was far superior than what is been accepted now.
    Vishnu Panday was literally asked to resign on Robert’s instruction because he had asked Robert to settle some bill that Robert vsiting relatives had incurred at Skeldon.
    Punwa was fired by Raj Singh because Raj Felt that Punwa was responsible for the non performance of Skeldon field department.
    I think the reasonfor not renewing his contract was the $5m per month that he was allegedly getting. This is not justifiable under no circumstances.
    Neither was Raj Sing $5m justifiable. What are they doing for that sum of money??
    Mr Dindyal could have expressed himself in a manner becoming of someone earning 5m$ per month. The ppp would have done the same thing if he had expressed the language that he has allegedly expressed and moreso it would have been immediate.

  17. Soon we will return to blackouts like in the old PNC Regime!
    It will be called “Load Shedding”
    You voted for this ..so live with it!

  18. Well Mr. Ramkaran you are so dead wrong on this one dead wrong, if it’s Dindyal that told you that piece of trash above then that explains his total arrogance. No one could dare be or was insubordinate to Mr. Dindyal, it was actually the reverse he is the one who has been insubordinate to the former board of directors, displays his racism mentality to staff members, likes to mirco-manage, and always interfere with matters pertaining to discipline of indo staff members to protect them from being exposed for their gross wrong doings. But when it comes to the black staff members whom do not lick his balls he will get rid of them in the click of a finger, he displays total contempt towards smart and diligent working employees, what about him improved employees worklife – the answer is nothing, he destroyed the field workers lives, the generation workers lives so give me a break Mr. Ramkaran, just because you grew up with him in the same party does not make him right he is full of arrogance. It backfired on his ass. And by the way if he died on Friday, there would be a need for a replacement. Dindyal is no God for GPL, let him walk in the corner and go his nasty way.

  19. Where is the AFC in standing up for the blatant ethnic descrimination that is on going with the new government against indo Guyanese and individuals from the PPP regime. The worse is yet to come. This is a dictatorship in the making which will take the country back to the dark days of the PNC. It is very sad to see that Guyana is regressing instead of progressing. I am confident that many of those who voted for a change is already regretting it but sorry folks it is too late. Stand behind the opposition and hopefully they can represent you against all of wrong doings that currently taking place.

  20. As expected . Every Indian that is at the head of any organization that is the control of this government will be fired .


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