Mining accident: Six bodies recovered


By Jomo Paul

Persons at the site of the cave in at Mowasi Backdam [Kaieteur News Photo]
Persons at the site of the cave in at Mowasi Backdam [Kaieteur News Photo]
[] – Commissioner of the Guyana  Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) Rickford Vieira has confirmed that thus far the lifeless bodies of six miners have been recovered from a mining pit that caved in at Mowasi Backdam on Sunday afternoon.

As a result of the cave in, ten miners were trapped under the mud and rubble while seven of them made it out alive, suffering various degrees of injuries.

Vieira told iNews Guyana on Tuesday morning that as of Monday afternoon, six of the bodies were recovered but he was unable to immediately identify them.

Reports have however identified ten trapped miners as Leyland Jones, Jason Trotman 21; of Samatta Point, Grove Housing Scheme; Vick Bernard, Frank Bernard; Desmond Martins; Raymond August; Brian Bank; Trevon Phillips; Nanmore Kurt; and ‘Michael’.

He also pointed out that efforts will continue today, May 19, to recover the remains of the other four miners that were caught in the cave in at Mowasi Backdam.

The other four persons are all suspected to have perished in the tragic accident.

When contacted for a comment on Tuesday morning, Natural Resource Minister Designate Dr Rupert Roopnaraine told iNews Guyana that he does not believe any proper safety practices were being employed by the miners.



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