National Awards to be given out this year


order[] – President David Granger has indicated that National Awards will be returned to Guyana. Speaking to members of staff at the Office of the President, President Granger stated that every year, National Awards are to be presented without fear.

“Even if it’s one award, two awards, twenty, that is one of the institutions of our country,” he said during a meeting with the staff. The President added that members of the National Assembly and the Judiciary must be treated with respect regardless of party affiliation.

Among the National Awards of Guyana are the Order of Excellence, Order of Roraima, Cacique Crown of Honour, Golden Arrow of Achievement, Medal of Service, Cacique Crown of Valor, Golden Arrow of Courage, and President’s Commendation for Brave Conduct, Military Service Star and the Disciplined Services Star.

The last National Awards were given out in October 2011. Over 100 persons then were conferred with awards in recognition of yeoman service to national development. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. With the passing of President Cheddi Jagan, the National Annual Awards ended and there were just a few handed out ad-hoc, especially during the tenure of Jagdeo. I am very glad that this aspect of Guyanese National life will be restored to order and respectability. God Bless Guyana.

  2. I got some suggestions:
    1. Clement Rohee- award for academic brilliance and political astuteness.
    2. Rima Rohee- award for academic achievement, racial tolerance and beauty.
    3. Bharrat Jagdeo- award for being incorruptible as President
    4. Donald Ramoutar- award for most scholarly president ever.
    5. Anil Nanadalall- award for protecting freedom of speech and young female reporters.
    6. Irfaan Ali- award for being incorruptible and generous to pretty female staff and other pretty young women seeking house lots.


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