President Granger assures Indo – Guyanese of inclusivity

President David Granger

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President David Granger
President David Granger

[] –President David Granger has made it clear that the new APNU+AFC administration does not support the race baiting philosophy, which he says is being promoted by another political party to score cheap political points.

Responding to reports that the racial divide has intensified during and post elections, particularly on social media, the President noted that his administration is built on “national unity and inclusionary governance”, pointing out that his mission is to promote and work to achieve racial harmony in Guyana.

The President has called on his supporters to understand and respect the fact that he is a President for all Guyanese and will continue to represent the interest of all.

“I want to give the assurance to our Indian brothers and sisters that we continue to see Guyana as one, our partnership are the only partnership that from the start has been calling for national unity, that’s why we call ourselves A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and we will continue to work to bring the races together. I am not aware of what is being said in the social media but it is completely inconsistent with the philosophy of the APNU+AFC.”

He made it clear that the APNU+AFC “respects our Indian brothers and sisters, people have come out in favor of me, and I met Mr. Shivnarine Chanderpaul at my inauguration. We have nothing against our Indian brothers and sisters.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) says it has been receiving reports of threats and verbal abuse meted out to some members of the Indo-Guyanese community by overly-jubilant APNU+AFC supporters.

A press release from the IAC noted that the illegal grabbing of land and property can potentially inflame and incense the social environment.

The organization has called on the APNU+AFC leaders to restrain their supporters and ensure proper conduct.

The IAC says it intends to represent those felt aggrieved and affected by these acts and has established a hotline number: 223-5161. Persons can also email: indi[email protected] or indianarrivalcommittee Facebook.



  1. Gog Word says for the lack of knowledge his people perish. If we who have wisdom don’t teach the youth we will all perish. Some parents teaching their child not to play with the other race like black or Indian. I wish some of these big people stop this rashal

  2. Agression against race, culture and nationality etc. should be addressed on and worked on starting with the homes/families and the police should be attend to the children who is causing strife. Order should be set at home and if they cannot begin at home then let the authority deal with it and get serious. The teachers should teach against racism this is a spirit of division to cause animosity,aggrevation and riots. Peace and one love to all.

  3. Yes, this nonsense of racist/racism should really come to an end inorder for a better Guyana of Unity among its people freely. We should reach out to each other in aid with that natural feeling of togetherness, peace and a good heart. Yes we have to celebrate, but some of the supporters of the now winning party were so jubilant that they began, laughing, jeering, mocking, criticizing and acting pompously with people of the other Party like the PPP/C . Remember, dont over do. After elections, we all have to be back together and mix and dwell. Brothers and sisters let us love our Guyana in one Unity!!!

  4. Please include, civic and cultural diversity education in the schools. A generation of Guyanese have grown up completely lacking understanding and appreciation of their diverse cultures and how to respect them without marginalizing any group.
    Raise the expectation of this generation to a new and inclusive level, please!


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