PPP/C says supporters being provoked by APNU+AFC

The supporters at the rally.

PPP supporters at a rally in Lusignan. [iNews' Photo]
PPP supporters at a rally in Lusignan. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The PPP/C has condemned what it described as “the wide scale provocations currently being meted out to its supporters by the APNU+AFC supporters.”

The main opposition party, which, according to GECOM lost the May 11 elections by 4506 votes, stated “We are aware of the many acts of the APNU+AFC coalition even at this early stage events of provocation, discrimination, and persecution are taking place. Furthermore we call on the international and diplomatic communities to condemn such acts.”

The PPP/C says it wishes to assure victims of Election Day violence that “it will actively pursue compensation for loss of vehicles and property.

The Party is urging its supporters to remain “mobilized for further action and committed to the defence of democracy in Guyana.”

On May 11, several vehicles belonging to PPP supporters were burnt in Sophia during an unrest by residents in that community.



  1. I saw this happens personally to the PPP/C supporters. It’s not wide spread. I am not affiliated to any political party. There are all the same.

  2. How do these HYPOCRITES determine that those individuals belong to APNU/AFC,this accusation smells like racism.It is possible that they are paid servants of yours,YOU are WICKED enough to CREATE a DIVISION,it was done before,nothing strange.

  3. No to violence, no to racism the people who are threaten should contact the police and let the matter be handle by the police this is not the time for nonsense, I hope the ppp is not trying to create a problem in this country.Alot of indian supremacist and racist are being offend because of the way apnu & afc supporters celebrated and are still celebrating victory after 23years in captivity people are now free so ppp let your supporters take their complains to the police

  4. Guyanese now is the time for us to get together and hold our heads high, hold one another hands and rebuild. This is not a time to go backwards with foolish racial and political nonsense.

  5. APNU supporters must keep in mind that thousands of PPP/C Supporters voted for this coalation hence this outcome that landed Granger into the presidency. Should this APNU arrogance continue I gurantee come 2020 APNU will loose this support. Ignorance behaviour has no place in our society.

  6. No evidence to support the PPP’s claim. First it was Kwamie. Jagdeo said he was assaulted and was in Hospital. They showed pictures of an injured Kwamie to incite and provoke retaliation.
    The President should investigate the Kwamie issue and when it is revealed that it was false, then both Jagdeo and Kwamie should be charged for public mischief.

  7. Seriously, like start documenting this and stop with the unsupported claims of aggression etc. If this is actually happening, it should not be difficult to provide evidence.

  8. PROPAGANDA in it’s purest form. I don’t condone the actions of the people in Sophia. However, what I cannot believe is that you, the PPP, thought you’d get away with the attempt to remove ballot boxes from polling places illegally. Your blatant disregard for the people of Guyana has crossed every boundary of human decency. Every action during the past 23 years, was about WIELDING POWER, terrorizing those who spoke up or out against your regime. And to show your determination to continue down this road of terrorism, you are once again attempting the most heinous crime, pitting the races against each other. I am trusting that the people of Guyana, are conscious enough to remove this VEIL you have placed over their eyes, to avoid them seeing the REAL leaders of the PPP.

  9. The PPP is still crying, its time to move on and build Guyana,you people made a mess of guyana and you should join the rebuilding and restoring of LAW and order,its time to see Indians joining the armed forces, i say indians because its time they serve, not many of them serve, lets all think of each other and love and respect same, until the election ink come off people will be saying stupid things and we should all just SMILE, we are all guyanese let stand up and work together,,,

  10. Regardless of what color A PERSON IS “BLACK” “,WHITE” “,INDIAN”,”ORIENTIAL”,”VIOLENCE” SHOULD BE CONDEMNED,it should NOT b allowed in any country,Every1 has his or her own rgts to VOICE W/O ANY RACIAL TENSIONS. I also feel that the act of violence of destroying properties during the election SHOULD BE COMPENSATED TO OWNERS N RESTORED BACK. “JESUS ” SAID “IF MY PPL WUD HUMBLE THEMSELVES” N “CHANGE FROM THEIR “WICKED” WSYS I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND N BLESS THEM!!!

  11. Show us the evidence that the PPP/C supporters are being provoked. This is a distraction to keep the PPP/C in the daily news cycle.
    Guyana for the first time in its history will be an inclusive nation, thanks to the APNU/AFC

  12. In the age of cell phone cameras, lets see the proof. You cannot just come and say the provocation is coming from APNU supporters or AFC supporters without proof. You guys have not learned anything, this is the age where every person has a cell phone, how come no one took videos of this provocation. The PPP is trying to start trouble and this time Guyanese are not into that, we have matured and we will say no to your bullshit.

  13. All wrongs has to be righted.
    The bullys and law breakers must pay.
    PPP/C supporters must stand up for their right.


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