Men’s Affairs Bureau continues to spread awareness on domestic violence

[File Photo]

[] – With the aim of tackling the scourge of violence in Guyana, the Men’s Affairs Bureau (MAB) continues to work with a number of men, educating them on the issue.

The MAB, which falls under the control of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, intends to change and correct the perception of men when it comes to young girls and women in society.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster told a news conference earlier in the week that sensitization workshops were held at several schools across the country, which focused on helping young men understand issues relating to their gender, such as anger management, self esteem, understanding the emotional need of spouses and the whole issue of gender equality.

According to Webster, during 2013, the MAB worked with a number of men who were involved in some aspects of violence and also assisted them in resolving domestic disputes within their homes.

Workshops were also held at the Lusignan, Timehri and Georgetown Prisons, targeting both prisoners and prison officers.



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