Essequibo farmer loses over $3M to floods


[] – Heavy and consistent rainfall over the past few days has caused serious flooding of farms in the Cozier Agriculture Scheme, Essequibo Coast.

According to cash crop farmer Carl Roberts his farm along with those of several other farmers are flooded with some six inches of water which overflowed from drainage trenches.

The farmer who plants approximately 10 acres of land said all his produce including water melons, pumpkin and corn perished in the flood.

“The watermelon plants were growing well and about to start bearing when the flood came” he said.

Roberts further explained that one tin of water melon seeds costs in excess of  $10,000 and have estimated  the loss on the ten acre plot to be more than $3M.

Roberts lamented that he and all the other farmers depend on their farms for their livelihood. He said a report was made at the Agriculture Office at Anna Regina.

Meanwhile, another farmer Darrel Benn said he has lost some three acres with young red peas plants to the flood. Other reports indicate that several fields with suckers and cassava plants are also under flood waters in the fertile Cozier area.



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