Smuggling of Guns, Ammo in Prisons is an attempt to create mayhem – Home Affairs


[]The Ministry of Home Affairs has been informed by the Prison Authorities of an attempt by persons bent on derailing Law and Order in Guyana to infiltrate several rounds of ammunition into the Georgetown Prison.

A press statement from the Home Affairs Ministry stated that this is not the first time such attempts have been made and uncovered by the alert Ranks of the Guyana Prison Service.

“Further, the Ministry of Home Affairs is aware that for sometime now it is rumoured that a firearm or components of a firearm has been smuggled into the Georgetown Prison,” the press statement noted.

As such, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Prison Service is reassuring the public that no effort will be spared to uncover and to find any illegal firearm or components thereof at any prison location.

“Nefarious plans and conspiracies hatched in or out of prisons to disrupt the peace and good order in our society will be exposed and disrupted,” the Ministry noted.

Only recently, a man was caught attempting to smuggle two shotgun cartridges into the Georgetown Prison. He was subsequently charged.



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