It wasn’t me! Accused charged with attempted murder of ex – cop freed

Ralvin McLean

By Fareeza Haniff

Ralvin McLean
Ralvin McLean

[] – The attempted murder charge against Jamaican National, 41 – year – old Ralvin McLean has been withdrawn, following advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the grounds that there is not enough evidence against him.

McLean was charged and remanded to prison last month, following the shooting and subsequent death of ex – policeman, Ravi Outar at Rosehall Corentyne Berbice.

But on Monday, June 29, he reappeared before Magistrate Marissa Mittelholzer, where the charge was dismissed, as a result of lack of evidence against McLean, who has since been released following some two weeks in custody.

During an interview with iNews on Friday, July 03, McLean said he wants to clear his name of any wrong doing and accused the police and Prosecutor of trying to pin a crime on him, which he says he did not commit.

On June 10, at approximately 20:00 hrs, Outar was standing on the roadway in front of his home when he was approached by a man who discharged several rounds at him and escaped.

Dead: Ravi Outar
Dead: Ravi Outar

He was shot several times and succumbed to his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital on June 19. According to McLean, on June 15, he was walking his girlfriend to work in Rosehall, when police ranks approached and informed him that he is wanted for questioning in relation to the shooting.

According to him, he accompanied the ranks to the police outpost where he denied any knowledge of the shooting.

“Meh tell dem’ meh know nothing about it. They tell me they will investigate it for the next 72 hours. After the 72 hours passed, they couldn’t come up with nothing, then they say they get a call from Georgetown to charge me for the shooting. It was devastating, it wasn’t easy. They had no evidence, the police and Prosecutor; everybody lied just to charge me,” the Jamaican man told iNews.

When questioned by iNews, McLean admitted to being familiar with Outar and described him as his friend.

“I am familiar with him. We all live in Rosehall together but we never do business and we never had a problem. I would say he’s my friend,” the man explained.

On the day of the shooting, McLean said he was in New Amsterdam and was only made aware of what occurred via a text from his girlfriend. McLean told iNews that he has been living in Guyana for approximately five years now and has never been involved in any trouble with the police.

“I never get in trouble and never had a problem with nobody; I mean I live a good and decent life,” McLean told iNews.

He explained that he decided to relocate to Guyana following an invitation from friend, who wanted him to manage a property and take care of his business.

According to McLean, the charge has since stained his reputation as he criticized the police for charging him wrongfully. The police had stated that their case McLean is that he allegedly transported the gunman to the scene in Rose Hall Town, where Outar was shot.



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