STARR Computer launches Lenovo Computer on a Stick

President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan shows of the 'computer on a stick.'
President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan shows of the 'computer on a stick.'
President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan shows of the ‘computer on a stick.’

[] – Over the past decades computers have shrunk in size, from computers that occupied an entire room to computers that fit on your desk (desktop).

As the physical attributes changed, key components such as speed, memory, and storage were exponentially increased. Other features were added such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Card readers, efficient power supplies etc. On July 2, 2015 STARR Computer launched, what may become the future of the desktop computer – a computer on a stick.

Resembling a flash drive, this computer fits in your pocket and comes fully loaded. The Intel based computer-on-a-stick features an Intel Quad Core Processor, 2Gb Memory, 32Gb Storage, Memory card, Bluetooth, Built in Wifi, USB 2.0 port and a Micro SD Card slot. What is exceptional is the computer comes with Windows 8.1 (Upgradeable to Windows 10) and one year subscription to McAfee Antivirus.

STARR COMPUTER has been an Intel Process Dealer and an Intel Process Integrator for the past two decades. The fact that the computer is running Windows 8.1 OS, it can be used in Business, Education and for Entertainment.

President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan noted some of the beneficiaries of this inexpensive device are Low Income Families, Students, Small Businesses, and Corporate Employees.

During the launch, he informed the media that Lenovo will be officially launching the computer stick. STARR Computer is a Lenovo Authorized Business Partner and will be offering the computer and full warranty support to its customers.

Mr. Mohan during his demonstration showed how simple it was to use. By simply plugging the stick into a Computer Monitor or Television with HDMI your Windows based computer was up and running similar to any desktop computer. The highlight of the presentation was having a document print from a Television to an HP Wireless printer. STARR Computer also informed the media of their plans to launch a number of new products during 2015, for the commercial and industrial sectors.



  1. The Owners and Internet Services at the house where I reside, PREVENTS my Google Chrome USB Port Drive, from accessing the Internet via my TV Monitor, with their Firewall.

    They will never allow me to use it, for reasons known only to them.

    So will the same be done to the LENOVA Computer Stick, when it is released also?


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