Harmon meets with Alexei Ramotar on E-Governance project

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon meets with Project Manager of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar and others.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon meets with Project Manager of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar and others.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon meets with Project Manager of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar and others.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Friday, July 03 met with Project Manager of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar at the project’s Barrack and Duke Street Kingston operations.

A press release from the Ministry of Presidency noted that the Minister was given a tour of the office and was updated on projects and operations. He asked about the Fibre Optic Cable Project where Ramotar emphasized that about 40% of the cable has been damaged and it is now too expensive to fix.

Also present at the meeting were Project Control Manager Rosco Greene and Government’s Adviser on E-Governance Mr. Floyd Levi who will be working closely with Ramotar and the project.

Minister Harmon during a tour of the Office
Minister Harmon during a tour of the Office

During the brief meeting Minister Harmon urged Ramotar and his staff to continue to work hard, and Ramotar expressed satisfaction with what he heard from the minister on the way forward, the press release noted.

Ramotar and Harmon had a rocky start to their relationship, after the Minister of State had told the media that Ramotar, who is the son of Former President, Donald Ramotar, did not show up to work since the APNU+AFC government took office.

But the younger Ramotar had denied the claims and told iNews that he was not absent from work.



  1. Get rid of him and appoint a professional who actually knows what a Fibre Optic Cable actually looks like….what the F*** does this dunce know who has not worked in any credible telecommunications organisation ….milking off the poor of guyana, just like his ugly big nose sister….on work experience and then heading the Gold board????…as they say, only in guyana…time to cut those parasites loose and kick that s**t to the curb…

  2. LA you probably lived too long outside of Guyana and is not aware of the atrocities committed on the ordinary folks by the PPP. Why Alexi was not fired is obvious his father was president. Why Poonwasi and Charles were fired from Guysuco because their had no party or presidential influence. Why was Bahadur was forced to resigned because Raj Singh Threathen to fire him because they didnt want to pay him his severence.
    Why Rampertabh was fired because he exposed the fact that Booker Tate had a plan to close Demerara Estate and he spoke about it. It is surprising that this Government has saw it best to embrace Hanoman who was the mastermind of the set up dismissal of several persons including the resignation of Nissa Surujablly.
    God is not a bhajan and to see so many young men tears on the PPP.
    A son of a ex president has done far worse and is been kept.
    Is this the Change we voted for?
    I am telling you the APNU if they continue on this road they will never win another election.

  3. Every administration all over the world, does some house cleaning, would you as a leader retain people who openly support an opposition party and are clearly incompetent? If you do you are more foolish than I thought.

  4. Plain and simple ,the guy is incompetent, it has nothing to do with his political affiliation, he is in over his head with this project, he has to go.

  5. Have you been sleeping since this new administration took the reigns of political power? This administration is focused on political and ethnic cleansing soon after they assumed office. That was their first objective; plan A. Their next is plan B but they haven’t got a plan B as yet. He! He!

  6. Two things(1) you cant just fire the young man because he is PPP/C that is wrong.(2) If after evaluating the work he has done you find it to be good and progressive keep him if not send him home.That’s how it should be, Guyana have a lot of smart people and the sooner people, after elections could put aside the whole party loyalty thing and work together we will be so prosperous.

  7. I was of the opinion that Harmon was to fire the misfit, after all the damaged that had been done by his inexperience and stupid outburst that he was capable to do the job even though that was not the case. Is Mr. Harmon aware that this project is one that calls for experience? I don’t get it.? Is Mr. Harmon aware that this is the same guy that messed it up in the first place, whereby he is the problem, and Harmon thinks that he is the solution? Something ain’t right here. There should be some clarification from Harmon as why he retained him.

  8. He should be relieved of that position, too much money went to waste on the project and it will cost the government moer, ramator is a liability let him go.

  9. If Harmon did not give that Alexei Romotar A chance then the soupies would have said he is getting gird of all the PPP supporters. I think if he does not perform efficiently he will be let go I have no doubt about that. I hope he has learn a lesson and realise the guard has change.

  10. Maybe Mr Harmon should give the youth man a break if the youth man promise faithfully to work like a true professional.

  11. Harmon should not be meeting with this ppp lackey!
    He abandoned his position and took off for weeks without any word.
    He should be fired and the project evaluated before going any further.


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