Inter-agency collaboration being done to tackle crime


Police-300x189[] – President David Granger is paying close attention to efforts to address the crime situation, according to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, who noted that there is an Inter-agency collaboration and President Granger is involved on a weekly basis.

Minister Harmon noted that government has recognized that things have to be done to curb the crime situation in Guyana. With that, he pointed to the strategic plan that was laid out in the National Assembly on Tuesday August 18 by Vice President and Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan.

According to Ramjattan, “The plan contains the element of an overall strategy, which we will use in fighting crime.”

To that end, Minister Harmon noted that, “the police, army and other law enforcement agencies are required to prepare a report and to speak on their preparedness to deal with the matter.” He also disclosed that Government is providing additional resources to the police to make sure that they can deal with the crime.

In addition, he pointed out that some matters, for example, a feud between two persons that gets violent cannot be planned for, but noted that the response time should be prompt.

There has been an increase of serious crimes during January to the end of May 2015, when compared with the same period for 2014. The government has been increasing the number of police officers on patrol and laying out a crime fighting strategic plan.

The Minster of Public Security, in his budget presentation had said that fighting crime is not a ‘twenty/ twenty game, but more of a Test match, as tackling the situation will take time.



  1. Stop making excuse for government incompetence. Control the damn situation and stop with all the laang taak.

  2. Stop talking and start acting.You have all the people with all the skills, both in government and on call, to tell you what needs to be done to crush the people who are causing this brutal crime wave.All you need is the balls to get it done with the heaviest manners possible.This was done continuosly in the ninetys and the criminals were never allowed to get the upper hand.They rose up and were crushed in short order.Do it again!! The people need to protest allot more, until you take concrete action, with concrete results.Of all your 100days or after promises, this should be your number one priority!

  3. No doubt there is an uptick in crime but to the alarmists in the society the flood of guns just didnt happen last week or last month these guns were coming into the country for sometime now and yet the ppp and there dumb supporters pretend orherwise. The culture of lawlessness did not just appear it had its genesis way back when criminals in hit squads had the blessings of those in high places providing them with high tech equiptment to spy on opponents. This scourge took time to develop and will take time to control.


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