PSC concerned about political interference in firing public servants

PSC member Major General (retd) Norman McLean
Chairman of the PSC, Norman McLean
Chairman of the PSC, Norman McLean

[] – The Private Sector Commission has expressed its concern at the “many terminations and dismissals in the public sector which have been occurring recently.”

The Commission in a statement said it is particularly concerned about the perceived political influence over these dismissals with the authorities not adhering to established procedures and not allowing for natural justice.

“The laws which govern terminations of service are clear, that just and sufficient cause for dismissals must be established and that such cause must relate to the conduct and capacity of the employee. The Termination of Employment Act further places the burden of proof for establishing cause on the employer and, consequently, if just and sufficient cause cannot be established, there can be no valid or lawful grounds for dismissal,” the PSC statement noted.

According to the statement, the majority of those dismissed /terminated in public humiliation gives credence to wide spread perception of political discrimination and victimization despite human rights guaranteed in our Constitution and labour laws and in international treaties(Conventions).

“The Private Sector Commission is alarmed at the climate of fear which has arisen in the national community because of what is being seen as selective dismissals and would like to urge that the labour laws on termination and discrimination and best practices inhuman resource management be followed to allay fears of victimization and political discrimination.”

The PSC is calling on the State and its agents to build confidence and cultivate an environment conducive to fostering national trust through fairness, equality of treatment, non-discrimination, and social justice for all citizens.




  1. Here’s some more facts for u dear. Prior to 1992 Guyana was the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Every election was rigged. There was steady inflation, kick-down-the-door bandits and the public service was afronised. Ur memory is conveniently selective.

  2. It is shameful that a supposedly “independent” body will allow itself to get caught up in this nonsense without identifying a single person that was fired because of politics. I trust that Mr. Ramkarran will also issue an apology now that Minister Patterson indicated that Mr. Dindyal could not have been fired because of politics given that the PPP/C Board had recommended the non-renewal of his contract. In fact, I was deeply disappointed in Mr. Ramkarran!!! How can someone without a contract be fired!!! The man was never employed and in fact should not have been receiving a salary!!! Is it legal for monies to be paid without a contract or some document authorizing such payments?

    Now back to the jokers at the PSC. In their haste to show their true colours they have failed to address the countless indiscretions and abuses by the past administration. How come these jokers were quiet about the construction of the “Muddyott”, when a former Chairman was so adamant about the GDF getting out of the commercial aviation business some years ago, arguing that Government should not be competing with the Private Sector, but setting the conditions for the private sector (in Guyana’s terms it is more like huskers as many produce nothing, creating no wealth, but rather just buying and selling). It was wrong when the Government did it to “Captain Jerry”, but right when “your” government did it to “Mr. Badass”??? Your Government gave Fip a contract to build a road to nowhere and yet you said nothing. The Skeldon factory your Government and then President said he would personally fix and if it was not, hold him is still broken and you say nothing. The rent seeking and transaction costs that escalation due to less than honest officials became endemic and you said nothing! We have seen the volumes of monies that are missing or mis-appropriate, but yet you say nothing!!! Now you have awoken from your insidious, deceptive, and clearly restless and fearful slumber to produce this verbiage of miasma. You guys are shameless!!! I rest

  3. Emile why u dont f…k off. When the ppp was in power u accused them of giving indian job without due process, which i agree with u was wrong. However the apnu/afc is doing the same thing even worst in office so far . So if it was wrong under the ppp is also f…ing wrong now. U just a racist. Let me remined u when the ppp was in power there were 15 permanent secretaries , 10 afro and only 5 indo. More afro guyanese was getting high pay job under the Ppp. Sealy, ricford veira, levi, boyea, vaughan, donna yearwood, morna pitt, just to name a few. Hope when the ppp get back power next after the petition and fired all them apnu /afc square peg what they employing now, u will not send u tugs on streets and burn and loot business. Let me also remined u just before the ppp demit Brotherson was appointed PS public service ministry, u did not say anything becauce brotherson is a blackman. I would have agree with u if apnu had fired all of them not just indian and start fresh. Remember on their motto ” Time for Change. “

  4. Mc Lean should be the last person to talk about laws governing dismissals. When this clown was COS, he fired many soldiers and civilians just because he was the COS, also where was he the last 23 years? Wonder never ceases but daily increases. This man suddenly become more holy than righteous.

  5. Where was Norman McLean when the PPP took office 23 years ago and fired so many non supporters of the PPP. It was so difficult for a particular race to get a job during the PPP and Norman Mclean was quiet then. It is time you stay home with your Grands, and let younger people get a chance. From one job to the other, and young people cannot find a job. SHUT THE ? up Norman.

  6. The Private Sector needs to mind its own business when it comes to hiring and firing in government, because it is a common practice worldwide for regime change to usher in changes in personnel, but especially those that were political appointees.
    Is Norman not aware of the massive reorganization that visited government employees after the PPP won in 1992? Or has Norman grown too old to remember anything? Maybe it is time for Norman to retire and make way for one of the laid off persons?

  7. You are the ignorant one. I fully well know the facts. Here are some facts. Prior to 1992, citizens walked the streets unmolested. There were no criminal gangs. The drug of choice was ganga and when someone was caught, he was severely dealt with. Then comes the PPP. With its band of thieves and murderers, with them came a well known drug baron now residing in US federal prison. Then came the camp street jail break, the bare faced murder of George Bacchus and his brother, among hundreds of young Guyanese men,the large scale export of cocaine across the Americas, and Europe. and the pillaging of the treasury. According to evidence tabled in US courts, under the Jagdeo regime,government ministers provided material support and protection to known drug lords. Then there is Nandalall and the murder of Mr. Crum-Ewing. Do you really want to talk about who destroyed our beloved nation? Do you really want to go there? The guns were imported to facilitate the drug trade. Now it is left to the new administration to clean up the mess.

  8. I suggest you give them their jobs back, the gravy train pulled into the station and losers , thieves and crooks are off , no the Pee Pee Pee wrote the book on “HOW TO GET RICH OFF OF THE TAXPAYERS BACKS”….boohoo…Maharanee.

  9. For the question whether the ruling Party can retain members of the opposition as employees in its Government;if it is to the knowledge of the President and is a proven fact that anyone who is a public servant within a Ministry fails to perform the duties in the best interest for the people as per say.Such individuals can be remove after consideration if they do not support the goals of the President or it may be better for them to resign.

  10. What norman did not say is only indo guyanese getting fired. Minister patterson said and i quote ” dindyal was fired because of high salary and he is incompetent ” . Then he should fired the coordinator of the work services at his ministry for the reasons because all them sub standard road , overpayment to contractors, countless sea defences breaches etc. however he will Never do that because the coordinator is blackman.


  12. Norman McLean has been a soup drinker all his life, during both the PPP and PNC administrations. Sly, if you become president he will even drink your soup. I know the man, he is unscrupulous.

  13. The private sector has no tolerance with incompetence and are not questioned when they take action against the offending parties so why are they questioning the same actions taken in the public sector.

  14. The Granger gang is a racist cabal. This racist witch hunt must stop! People who were wrongfully terminated must get their job back. This is blatant, unapologetic, overt racism.

  15. Whose soup is he drinking? Certainly not the PPPC! He was never in the employ with the PPPC administration
    ”.Major Gen McLean was seconded to the Guyana National service upon its formation as its first Director General in 1974.On July 12,1979 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier,posted to the Guyana Defence Force and appointed Chief of Staff and Co-ordinator of the Joint service.Major General Mc Lean retired on the December 1,1990”This period was during the PNC/PNCR administrations which never paid him his gratuity. He sued the PPPC administration for $7.9 million.
    A bit too late Mr Mc Clean. Where were you? You were very much part and parcel of the PNC/PNCR dictatorship which ruined the country
    (mother90, do some research and don’t post comments from a position of ignorance)

  16. Norman , Norman ,Norman, ooh Norman , why behave as though you have just dropped out of heaven clothed with a thick layer of morality ? Remember the Famous Guyana National Service ….Mr Spa– Pa–s………Is it that you now found Salvation ?…..As a senior and knowledgeable member of the” movers and shakers “in Guyana it is time you encourage growth and development without seeking to discourage the cleaning and clearing of governmental systems purposely clogged up with persons who did not contribute in anyway to the develpoment of Guyana. Maybe you are patriot , as such it expected of you to enhance efforts to rid Guyana of the ugly ,nasty , and shameful acts of the previous administration over the last twenty three years……Be an champion for good change………..Rememder you were mostly silent during the previous Gov’t ‘s exploits………This Gov’t is “three months old “

  17. In total agreement mother90. Take a powder Mr Mc Lean. You finally woke up from your 23 year trance, but it left you discombobulated.

  18. Norman McLean is a soup drinker, and the ultimate opportunist. All he is concerned with is fillin his pocket by any means necessary. When dozens of army and custom officers, as well as hundreds of other public servants were sent home or forced out of their jobs from 1992 by the PPP, WHERE WAS HE?


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