Twenty three graduate from CID course


By Leroy Smith

Crime Chief, Wendel Blanhum (left) and the best graduating student. [iNews' Photo]
Crime Chief, Wendel Blanhum (left) and the best graduating student. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Crime Chief, Wendel Blanhum has made it clear to a group of new entrance to the Crime Scene arm of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that what is seen on television is not what obtains in real case scenario.

He reiterated his point during the graduation ceremony of 23 investigators on Friday, August 21. It was against that backdrop the Chief Crime told the group that they need not rush through crime scenes but instead spend quality time at each scene and ensure that everything that needs to be done is done.

He also cautioned that failure to do so will bring the Guyana Police Force into disrepute. Evidence collection, examination and preservation are among the areas crime scene investigators need to pay attention to, pointing out the impact sloppy work has on the outcome of court cases.

Meanwhile, Force Training Officer Senior Superintendent Paul Williams reminded the ranks of how critical training and the CID department is to the police force and its success.DSCF9538

He however stressed that the police force can provide all the resources needed to ranks and provide all the necessary training but if they fail to grasp same, then the process becomes a total failure.

In the course overview, Sergeant Nedd spoke of the dedication of the ranks that were part of the training, which ranged from photography, lifting of fingerprints and general crime scene investigation. Each of the subject areas were taught for a period of two weeks.

Over all, the best graduating students were listed as TSU rank Marlon Hannibal and Ray Marcurius of the CID headquarters with 95 and 94 percent respectively.



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