Indian Expo accused of refusing Afro-males

The Indian Expo is being accused of racial discrimination.


By Kurt Campbell

The Indian Expo is being accused of racial discrimination.
The Indian Expo is being accused of racial discrimination.

[] – Allegations of racial discrimination have been leveled against the Safco Indian Exposition on Sherriff Street, Georgetown.

iNews ( was informed early Thursday morning (April 17) of the development by an afro-male Guyanese. He claimed that when he visited the expo to conduct business he was barred from entering and told by the employees that “the boss man passed strict instructions not to allow African males on the premises.”

In a follow up, iNews ( equipped an afro – male with a hidden voice and video recorder and sent him to the expo. The man was immediately greeted with hostility and after two seconds of entering was informed by the employees that the ‘boss man’ did not want any single males in the store.

The undercover agent questioned the reason for this but failed to receive any explanation from the employees. When further asked whether one of the sale representatives could accompany him around the store, his request was meted with rejection.

The employee insisted that the “boss” did not want any single male persons in the store and recalled that he was verbally abused earlier when he allowed a male into the expo.

When asked to speak to the boss, iNews’ undercover agent was also shunned by the employees. The undercover agent frontally asked whether he was being refused entry because he was African. However, the employees denied.

Within minutes, iNews ( sent a single Indian male to the expo and he was allowed inside where he spent several minutes before leaving without being accosted by the employees.

iNews ( has both video and voice recording of the encounter.



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