Fisherman charged with $3M Larceny

The accused, Albert DeFreitas. [iNews' Photo]


The accused, Albert DeFreitas. [iNews' Photo]
The accused, Albert DeFreitas. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A 50 – year – old Fisherman of Leopold Street, Georgetown charged with two counts of simple larceny with items valued $3M was remanded to prison by Magistrate Ann McLennan on Thursday, April 17.

Albert DeFreitas pleaded not guilty to both charges, one of which alleged that on April 9 at Carmichael Street, Georgetown, he stole a quantity of items which include one Black leather briefcase, one gold tri – colour ring with diamond, one Samsung Galaxy computer, one Samsung galaxy Note book phone, together valued $2.1 M, property of Thomas Richardson Hassin.

Particulars of the second charge alleged that on the same day at Carmichael Street, he also stole from Joy Karen Smallwood, a quantity of items which include one Apple computer, one head phone, one pair Prada sunglasses, two Prada raging glasses and one perfume together valued $824,000.

Police Prosecutor Dinero Jones successfully objected to bail citing the seriousness and prevalence of the offence. He also objected on the grounds that DeFreitas has a pending simple larceny matter in another Court.

The Prosecutor said the defendant’s finger prints matched those found on the virtual complainants’ car. However, his Lawyer, Kendacie Rodney in association with Nigel Hughes argued that the defendant was taken to the Police Station in the company of Hughes and the fingerprints did not match. Defence counsel noted that DeFreitas has an alibi for the day in question.

Bail was refused and the case was postponed to May 19 and transferred before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.



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