“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy” – Joseph Hamilton opens up about Sophia disturbance

The unrest in Sophia

By Jomo Paul

Sophia 1[www.inewsguyana.com] – More than three months after the Sophia Elections Day disturbance, one of the politicians that was caught in the midst of the trauma has opened up about his ordeal and tells his side of the story.

Joseph Hamilton, found himself trapped in a home with several others including his two sons, as angry residents burned cars, homes and barns after they got word that Ballot Boxes were hidden at the residence, owned by a PPP supporter, Pastor Narine Khublall.

Khublall’s house was being used as the PPP Command Centre during the elections period. Molotov cocktails (Channa bombs) were lobbed at his home and nearby cars and stables burnt as the angry mob of residents demanded justice and “ballot boxes.”

The unrest in Sophia
The unrest in Sophia

Despite denials and resistance, the violence continued, leaving millions of dollars in property damages but thankfully no lives were lost. Hamilton in a recent interview with iNews explained that he believes the entire incident escalated as a result of persons not being afforded the right to represent a political party of their choice. He believes that this right is only extended to some sections of society.

“The thing is we have to protect the right of a person to support a political party of their choice….it seems that persons who support APNU+AFC have that right and for us who support the PPP/C we don’t have right….castigation and denigration continues on persons who support the PPP,” said Hamilton, who a People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian.

He also stated that another contributory factor was unnecessary political stirring up on the part of some political activists who were present at the time.

Joseph Hamilton
Joseph Hamilton

Hamilton however admitted that officials from the APNU+AFC political camp had tried to stop the issue from escalating but their efforts were futile as the words fell on deaf ears.

“The gathering out front was unnecessary. Many senior members of APNU+AFC came there and they attempted to say to the people that nothing untoward was happening at this office so everything was done to avoid it…we did everything,” he stated.

Asked to step outside of the political realm on the issue, Hamilton stated that he was scared for the lives of his two sons and concerned about the effect that it would have on his wife.

Sophia 3“At the personal level it was an experience for which I wouldn’t want any person to go through…I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…any tragic circumstances…I don’t know how my wife would have dealt with that,” the Parliamentarian told iNews.

Since the unrest, five persons have been made to answer charges of larceny and looting in the Magistrates’ Court.



  1. We need a better GECOM, police and army to protect Guyanese. Political parties want power and common man suffer.
    Political murders and rigged elections is not what you US and Canadian observers should encourage here. Why nobody is interested in conducting fair elections by bringing in electronic voting system?
    Why the police is inactive when people torch homes and vehicles? Why not prevent public taking law in their hands? Shoot the culprits and nobody will ever dare to do this again.

  2. Side Kick ,this gentleman is far from being a hypocrite. He came clean on his past , apologized for whatever hurt he may have caused others, and moved on with his life .Hypocrites are people like you and your heroes who practised corruption all the days of your life but now cry corruption at every street corner ,as if you are as holy as the angels standing around the throne of God. In the firebombing incident at Sophia you found a convenient pretext that some PPP people stole ballot boxes and then loosed the “dogs of war ” on them. You then pretended to call off the dogs of war. No wonder the hooligans didn’t respond to your feeble calls because knew it was fake or hypocritical. If they had genuinely believed that the ballot boxes were stolen and hidden there they would not have burnt the pastors house , and vehicles and thrown channa bombs at the buildings . They would have known that in so doing they would destroy the ballot boxes to their disadvantage. They would have tried to recover the ballot boxes so that they could get more votes. But that is the way the PNC always operates , that is, with violence or the threat of violence to bully their way to achieve their aims.

  3. Certain people are known to be bully across the world.Its in their D.N.A.Nothing will change their lewd behavior.

  4. A relief to know no life was lost; unnecessary damages though. Hope the family and neighbourhood overcome this trauma.

  5. This is the same individual, when he was a member of the House of Israel, used to brutalize members of the WPA on behalf of the PNC. Oh what a hypocrite.

  6. Granger told PNC followers to “protect ballot boxes” no media outlet ever asked what he meant by that. You bet only those in PNC can carry out campaign all across Guyana in any village and community with impunity but not PPP/C. Let facts speak for itself when it comes to elections in Guyana. Like I always say if you don’t want to hear what the other side has to say then do not go so as to allow every party to campaign anywhere they choose to. PNC supporters arrives at PPP/C meeting to disrupt. The PNC lady supporter that spread her legs over a PPP/C flag then urinate on it is not political but sheer hate. You will never see a PPP/C supporter doing that ever in the history of Guyana. GECOM & US robbed the majority Guyanese blind.


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