Education Minister urges parents to play more active role in child’s education

Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine
Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine

[] – Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine is calling for greater collaboration among policy makers, educators, experts and parents, in fostering an education change.

Dr Roopnaraine had recently pointed out that the current educational system, structures and practices are not sufficient to addressing and supporting the learning needs for a 21st century Guyana student.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister Roopnaraine noted that the current education system should be churning out competent Guyanese, capable of moving Guyana forward. He noted however, that future oriented learning and teaching cannot be done by simply leaving the teachers alone to teach.

He said that parents, community and teachers have to become fully involved, and the Ministry for its part, has been seeking to provide the venues, through which this collaboration for education change can occur.

One of the first things that the Minister has done has been to send out a circular; via the Chief Education Officer, to all schools, advising them to re-activate their Parent Teachers Association (PTA.)

“I want a report on how active the PTAs are, because one of the things that has happened is that parents try to take an interest in children, when they are very young, but by the time they get pass Grade Six, the parents essentially abandon them,” Minister Roopnaraine said.

He noted that parents have to remain engaged with their children, throughout the education process, and by having active PTAs, the Ministry hopes to ensure the parents’ participation.

The Education Minister has also started a series of Education Groundings, which are essentially large community meetings.

“This involves meetings with communities, so that we can begin to discuss their own happenings at schools, what they feel needs to be done,” Minister Roopnaraine explained.

The Ministry, as part of its focus on collaborating for education development at the higher level, reactivated the National Advisory Council on Education. Minister Roopnaraine explained that this will see the bringing together of experts, who are currently in or were involved in education delivery over the years.

He said that the intention is to get out of the advisory body, the kind of policy directions that they believe the Ministry should take in order to achieve a more progressive system.

Minister Roopnaraine has also established a Commissioner of Inquiry into Education that would go out into Georgetown and various regions and hold hearings.

From the Commission of Inquiry, the National Advisory Board, and the Community Groundings, the Minister expects that he would get a body of proposals to help him refashion, remodel and improve the education system in Guyana.




  1. Another PNC square peg in round hole whom admith that he does not know anything about the job he took but took it anyways since he was supposed to be jungle minister. Remember when a mining pit collapsed and they rushed him up in the jungle with his long rubbers on posing for camera? If this Roopnarine clown is looking for 100% graduation then he is nothing short of dense and down right stupid. Does he think those kids with all their multitude of grade ones with remain and work in Guyana? This clown ought to be reminded that it’s their parents investment in those kids. Should those kids remain in Guyana to work in Guyana will they get a decent wage where they can in the end take care of their investors ( parent/s) ? Yes they can but must receive the exact wage top politicians make since the private sector in Guyana can’t afford to pay what top politicians receives. Take for instance Moses Nagamoottoo wanting his 2.2 M per month and Jagdeo pension. The the so called education minister address that .

  2. CORRECTION: Dr. Rupert Roopnarine.

    The Educational System in Guyana is expected to graduate more qualified and equipped young people, to better fit the requirements of our National Economy.

    Only production lines “CHURN OUT” produce.


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