Health Ministry to probe needle left inside baby’s buttocks

Ethan Garnett
Ethan Garnett
Ethan Garnett

[] – The Ministry of Public Health has promised an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a broken syringe needle left inside the buttocks of 11-month-old Ethan Garnett.

iNews understands that the infant was taken to Fort Wellington Hospital recently after developing a fever and while the nurse was giving him an injection, the needle broke.

The infant’s father, Carlos Garnett of Lot 07 Number 23 Village, West Coast Berbice said that it was his mother-in-law and sister who took the baby to the hospital when they observed that the needle was missing when the syringe was extracted.

Upon questioning the nurse about the missing needle, they were informed that it fell to the ground and after some hesitation, the nurse called a doctor who then referred the infant to the New Amsterdam Hospital to have an X-ray done.

The X-ray revealed that the needle was inside his buttocks and the baby was then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. According to reports, another X-ray was done at the GPHC, after which the father was advised to take the child home and return two days later.

The family however decided to visit a private hospital, where they were informed that if the needle is removed, it can result in further injury.

Minister of Public Health, Dr George Norton has since promised to investigate the incident, noting that nurses will be placed under more supervision.



  1. I hope they are taking this seriously, because needles can moved around while in the body, hope they get it out soon

  2. derrickgriffith, I guess you are implying that if the parent was there the needle would not have been broken and left in the child. This is the giddy heights of ridiculousness !

  3. derricsgriffith like you cannot read properly, did’t you read that the grandmother notice that the needle was missing? But you always with some crap, living in the us and poking your nose in our business here and you know nothing.

  4. Lord God, poor baby with that pain, the nurse need to be dismiss ASAP, for negligent causing harm to an infant, and discomfort to the parents.

  5. So while we all sit and debate this can’t someone use common sense and have a doctor remove the needlefrom this chld’s body?

  6. Same crap different rulers of the day. Guyanese must brace themselves for worse yet to come since this new doctor minister is only interested in investigating how thick or thin hospital wall are.

  7. The Ministry of Health has been using infants as guinea pigs for nurses in training for some time now. Probably this was a trainee nurse. When my child was about 2+ two nurses at Industry health center were definitely trainees. They traumatized my child while making at least two attempts to insert the needle, then a third nurse came and without warning pushed the syringe that another was attempting to insert. I had seen enough. However, the main nurse came and easily did the job. This needs to stop.

  8. This is common issues in Guyana which has not changed since the administration took office….I had a friend who recently died from an operation done because the cut him for appendix when he just had a burn stomach from too much drinking. The end up damage his intestines causing him to die after two weeks….such individuals performing the surgeries should be ban and given life time suspension from medical practices. The system will never change! Guyana is getting worst by the day…SAD SAD SAD!

  9. Broken Syringe Left In Baby Buttocks. Berbice Hospital:

    I have never heard of any syringe or needle (whole or a partly), left in any baby’s Buttocks or Arm in my entire life.

    Furthermore, when a baby is being injected with a syringe, the mother or parent MUST be present to observe the procedure.

    And aught to be aware of any irregularities (if any), that may occur.

    So where was the parent when the alleged syringe broke?

  10. The nurse involved in this negligent act should at least be retrained and procudures and practice at the facility looked at. Possibly across the board.


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