Hospital porter nabbed for statutory rape of Linden schoolgirls


A porter attached to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) was arrested and taken into police custody on Wednesday, after allegations of statutory rape were brought up against him.
INews understands that the young man was arrested at his place of work and taken into police custody after he was implicated in the matter involving two Linden schoolgirls, both under the age of 16. The incident is alleged to have occurred last December.
INews was informed that the porter is still in police custody assisting with investigations into the incident. More on this story in a subsequent report.



  1. So often these types of behaviors occur and the male participants are seen as the aggressor but what happens to the females.
    Do not get the wrong idea, that they are right. Lets analyze these situations very carefully.
    In my line of job, so often, young under -18 girls are the aggressors. They want so many things of which they do not have the money to buy and they go on the hunt. They willingly participate and then cry rape.
    Many of these girls leave home for school with change of clothing. After school they go visiting. Some make plans as to where to meet.
    My honest opinion is, that the magistrate should institute a fine with community service on these girls and their parents. It is the parents who should educate their girls against unlawful sex.

  2. You were still being conceived when Diamond and LBI suffered the same faith under the BEST government,or you were in de BACK DAM? Stop crying like a Bi*#*?

  3. He could do like The Famous Jewelry boss who hit de man down and killed him or like the xPM son and move to the high court and walk free,but then again he not so big,,,lol

  4. Hospital porter nabbed for statutory rape of Linden schoolgirls
    ow de po boi is from de depressed oppressed compressed repressed community of linden.. ow give meh brother a break since he didnt know wrong from right– in any case he will be granted bail and in guyana once bail is granted cases closed..on the other hand if he is found guilty our US installed prezzie will grant him pardon because our US installed prezzie too busy putting a certain section of our population on the bread line at de wales sugar thing


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