Linden trio found guilty of spate of armed robberies – to each spend 5 years behind bars


Magistrate Clive Nurse, last week, sentenced three Lindeners to 5 years behind bars after they were found guilty of several robbery related offences.
The trio are Wesley Griffith, Delon Brummel and Clifton Orna. However, only Griffith and Brummel were present at the Linden Magistrate’s court when the sentences were handed down. They were also charged along with Ruel Williams, whom the charges filed against him were dismissed due to lack of evidence.
Griffith and Orna were sentenced for the robbery committed against the Ramdehol family at South Amelia’s Ward in Mackenzie, Linden on January 31, 2014. The court heard that while being armed with a shotgun, the trio robbed Ryan Ramdehol of $280,000 in cash, a Samsung phone valued $120,000 and a gold chain valued $60,000. They also robbed Davinand Ramdehol of a Sienta car valued $3M, 2 gold rings valued $70,000, a gold chain valued $120,000 and $215,000 dollars in cash. Additionally, they robbed Martina Ramdehol of $4000 in cash. At the same time, they also robbed Nafeeza Ramdehol of a ring valued $27,000, a gold chain valued $40,000 and a blackberry cellular phone valued $40,000. Further, the trio robbed Lalta Ramdehol of a gold chain valued $60,000, a ring valued $28,000, a phone valued $125,000 and $15,000 dollars in cash. Coomhalia Ramsaroop was also robbed of 2 rings valued $50,000 in cash by the gun toting trio.
The court further heard that they were in possession of an unlicensed firearm (shotgun) along with matching ammunition, that is 3 live 12 gauge cartridges on February 2, 2014, at Determa Street, Mackenzie, Linden. Griffith, Orna and Brummel received the 5-year sentences for each separate offence; however they will run concurrently. Magistrate Nurse, while handing down the sentence explained that the court took into consideration the seriousness of the offence, due to the fact that a gun was used and there has been an upsurge in those types of crimes. Attorney-at-Law Gordon Gilhuys, who represented the defendants, argued that none of the victims received injuries when the offences occurred.
In addition to the robbery-related charges, Griffith whom the court was told is a repeat offender, was also fined $25,000 or an additional one month in prison for assaulting a peace officer attached to the Mackenzie Police Station. He pleaded guilty to the offence. He, however, explained to the presiding magistrate that he did not “touch” the said officer but decided to maintain a guilty plea so as to avoid attending court. Meanwhile, Orna was handed the 5-year sentence in his absence in addition to being fined $50,000.
Magistrate Nurse said the time Brummel, Orna and Griffith spent behind bars, which was just two days short of two years would be taken into consideration and therefore they will spend the remaining 3 years behind bars.



  1. I feel your depression KK, taking away your BANANA is not right,when you live in a cage you have to be very friendly,OKAY,,,

  2. Are you saying monkey! That Seventh Day Adventist are criminals….let me just remind you a lot of them are Indians, and what about the criminals that kiss the ground on Friday?

  3. Raj your are a fool.Isn’t this joker Garnger hired to make things better or is he there to continue what the former pres did?You better hope that one day its doesn’t happen to someone you know–do not throw stones if you live in a glass house pal.Your are a heartless kid.

  4. This happened in 2014 under ppp who fail to control crime. Now justice is being served under the new government. Ppp now look like the jokerz

  5. Of course Granger will pardon them they haven’t done anything wrong they rob some indians that’s normal,where else would they get such a good loot?

  6. Come on now robbing indians is nothing new the good thing these low lives know that they will be released as soon as they enter the prison because they are good fellas and ppl do make mistake we will send them to rehab as per the pres.These are church going ppl they go to the Seventh Day Adventist….

  7. It seems under the PNC assisted by Nag-A Mouth-O The days of Burnham has returned, and East-Indians , will suffer for being productive. Guyanese living abroad , should take note.


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