25-yr-old soldier on child-rape charge granted $150,000 bail


Trevon King, a 25-year-old soldier and father of two, was last week charged with rape of a child under 16. He was granted $150,000 bail by Magistrate Clive Nurse when he appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

The charge stated that King, who is from Corentyne, Berbice, engaged in sexual penetration with an 11-year-old child on July 4, 2015. The alleged incident reportedly took place at Blueberry Hill Squatting area in Wismar, Linden.

The case will be called again on March 8.



  1. We are sick what about this scum bag the father of this child should do himthe same darn thing…useless piece of crap.

  2. Rape charge and place on 750.00 US dollars bail this is why people are disrespecting the laws of Guyana and are committing crimes.

  3. Seems you lack reading and comprehension skills Realistic. I was referring to him being bailed and put that magistrate in the spot light for granting bail.

  4. This matter has ‘teeth’ and should be thoroughly investigated. The whereabouts of the soldier, the child and the others who are making the claim.

  5. SLY-Have you heard of innocent until proven guilty. How do you know that they child is not making an allegation. Would you of liked you or a member of your family to have faced such a charge and then be remanded because of an allegation. You surely would of cried foul.

  6. 25-yr-old {{soldier}} on child-rape charge granted $150,000 bail.
    Guyana have soldiers?? Really??
    Which army in this world could Guyana { soldier} fight ???
    Can Guyana soldiers defend Guyana from an invasion??? Really???
    You have to be out of your cotton picking mind to this so.
    This GDF thing was formed to keep King Kabaka Bumham rule going to put down any opposition unrest..
    Rodney was the biggest threat to King Kabaka Bunham rule not in a sense that the majority Guyanese were behind Rodney.
    King Kabaka Bunham in his warped brute dictator mind really thought that Rodney had the GDF on his side so the dictator brute Bunham would not tolerate that.so King Kabaka had to wipe Rodney with one GDF blast from the bomb in the form of walkie talkie.

  7. Trevon King ”was granted $150,000 bail by Magistrate Clive Nurse”. He, and will use the word allegedly, raped an eleven year old CHILD. Guilty or not he should not have been granted bail on such serious charge.
    This magistrate is out of touch with the ever frequent,sickening, despicable behaviour of some who believe that they will get away with their disgusting actions. It’s disappointing that bail was granted. The magistrate should go on a refresher course or seek alternative employment


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