U.S. Gov’t to help Guyana fight suicide scourge


The spiraling suicide scourge plaguing Guyana, especially in recent times, has forced the Government to engage all stakeholders to work towards a redress,  and one such stakeholder willing to assist is our ‘big brother’ to the North, the United States of America.

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway
United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway, has committed his government’s assistance to the people of Guyana towards the fight against the suicide scourge.

According to the U.S. Ambassador, too many youths are taking their lives.

He said the United States will be looking at ways it could help out, since young people are the future of tomorrow and need to have their lives preserved.
To be more specific, he said the embassy will be looking at having experts on the subject come to Guyana to conduct workshops and outreach programmes, among other things.

The last reported suicide occurred last week when a Bartica man was found hanging by a rope from the ceiling in the unoccupied bottom-flat of his house.

Before him, several persons particularly in the Essequibo and Berbice regions were successful in their seeming ‘mad rush’ to end their  lives.
Government, in a frantic attempt to address the issue, announced that the Public Health Ministry would be moving to implement a National Suicide Prevention Plan in an effort to tackle the growing scourge in Guyana.

During a meeting with Cabinet members and several stakeholders within the sector two Sundays ago, Public Health Minister Dr George Norton appealed for the involvement of all along with an action-oriented plan that would address the needs of the most vulnerable groups in an effort to curb the spike in suicide here.

The objective of the meeting was to appraise all key stakeholders on the magnitude and burden of suicide in Guyana; examine the proposed Suicide Prevention Plan and identify the critical elements for action; define roles, responsibilities and functions of all partners; develop a joint work plan and a monitoring and evaluation framework; prepare a draft budget and establish a technical task force to oversee the implementation of the initiative.

The National Suicide Prevention Plan, as presented to stakeholders, will provide guidance for the development of a joint work plan including a wide cross-section of partners.

The work plan will enable collaboration among Government Ministries; international partners; non-governmental organisations (NGOs); Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and other stakeholders.

The proposed activities in this multi-sectoral approach will be aligned to one of four strategic action areas: risk factors reduction, health promotion and suicide prevention; reducing access to the means of suicide; improving health systems’ response to suicidal behaviour and strengthening surveillance and research on suicide in Guyana.

Since the beginning of the year, close to 20 persons have either committed suicide or attempted to take their lives, a shocking trend which has been evoking grave concern among the populace.




  1. Suicide has been a known problem in Guyana for a number of years, however indo Guyanese are much inclined to commit suicide at a higher rate. A contributing factor of suicide cases in Guyana is love; “man and woman needs love and love is the key word.” If one lover cannot get the other or if one parent is against the lover affair suicide most times is the next solution.
    Why blame the government for the suicide rate in Guyana Sly and Dax 23? .

    What about coming up with a solution to the situation. My solution is religious leaders should spend more time focusing on the issue and have groups in their organizations that will work with troubled persons. To combat a situation you should give solutions. Solution works not criticism my friends.

  2. We just need to ask this chap: How many of US military veterans are committing suicide every day?…crickets..They don’t care about their own soldiers…well..Guyanese must be known suckers falling for that!

  3. U.S. Gov’t to help Guyana fight suicide scourge..
    Sorry US guy..You might be one of the good US guys with good intent but you have to take a look back and see what your other buddies have done to the majority Guyanese in last May election.
    In the minds of most Guyanese they never wanted PNC rule ever again since they know about PNC past and even those that are so young do read up on facts about PNC.
    All Guyanese know what went down last May election and not even one year in office the PNC carrying out Ethnic Cleansing.
    This is what the majority in Guyana Blacks/Indians and all others fear most.
    Yes I did say Black because in the end of PNC’s brutal rule, its the Blacks who again will suffer most at the hands of their own.
    The PNC record from 64 to 92 is there for the world and all Blacks to see – how PNC was not only brutal to the the others but their very own as well .

  4. Perry Holloway, your backing for this illegal regime is one of the main causes of the spiralling suicide rate in Guyana. It is clear to see who are taking their own lives. Most, the vast majority are those from the Indian community. They are fired left right and center. Rice and sugar are dead. Who are the producers here? INDIANS
    If you and this illegal regime want to see a reduction or end to those who take their own lives, one of the first steps is the RETURN OF A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. Not the PNC led coalition which you and the others helped to get into office. You have created an out of control MONSTER of a government.Back to the days of interference when you treated the entire of South America as your back yard.

  5. it is refreshing something is being done to arrest the spate of suicide in Guyana. This has been happening a long time but has been occurring with more frequency lately.
    The causes of suicide need to be addressed. This is not an easy undertaking. This would need serious research with specific reference to the Guyana situation. Domestic violence perpetrated against women in particular seems to be a common thread. WHY? Hopelessness has returned to the country with vengeance. The highest number of suicide cases are those from the Indian community. Both Indian men and women see no hope with all the daily sackings, poor price for rice and paddy and other agricultural products, Who are the most affected? Simple! Indians. This defacto administration was catapulted into office by the same ones who are now giving a helping hand. That is one of the consequences of racial and political discrimination practiced by the Burnham dictatorship and now by the PNC led APNU/AFC coalition. The AFC section is impotent. They are the traitors who betrayed the country with the help of GECOM and the ABC collaborators


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