Guyanese man stabs wife to death in Bronx, NY

The NYPD take Nazir Khan into custody after he stabbed his wife with a gravity knife in broad daylight in the Bronx.


The NYPD take Nazir Khan into custody after he stabbed his wife with a gravity knife in broad daylight in the Bronx.
The NYPD take Nazir Khan into custody after he stabbed his wife with a gravity knife in broad daylight in the Bronx.

[New York Post] – A man stabbed his wife to death in a jealous rage Saturday outside a relative’s Bronx home, where the couple had tried to smooth over their rocky marriage, witnesses and police sources said.

Wife Amarita Khan, 25, had just left the house and walked onto Hone Avenue at around 6 p.m. when her husband Nazir Khan came out behind her and plunged a gravity knife into her chest in front of some 30 horrified onlookers, cops said.

The accused killer’s mom, Nafeeza Khan, couldn’t believe her son could have done this, saying: “He love her so much.” Speaking at the couple’s home in Jamaica, Queens, Nafeeza said Nazir caught his wife cheating.

“My son catch her, she and the other guy,” she told The Post. “He see everything.” Nazir works as a fuel supervisor for an airline based at LaGuardia Airport, a source said.

He suffers from a bi-polar disorder and was treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital for that condition in October, his mom said.

“I was shocked. I never think he is capable of this. He’s a quiet boy, a good boy. No smoking, no drinking, always just working,” Nafeeza said.

“I never expected my son would do something like this. He a very quiet boy, very keep to himself. Never tell nobody nothing, just `Good morning and good afternoon.’ ”

Witnesses near the Bronx slaying had attended a party being held on the block.

“We heard screaming, but we thought it was the kids playing,” said resident Melissa Ovando. “Nothing like that ever happens here.”

He stabbed her multiple times, cops said. The Queens couple has two daughters, 2 and 5.

They had a huge argument Tuesday night, when Amarita took the kids and they spent the night at a relative’s home.

“It’s terrible right now,” Nafeeza said. “This [marital strife] was going on for a long time.” Nazir and Amarita were visiting relatives to talk through their marital difficulties when the husband lost his cool and took the knife to his wife, cops said.

For now, the kids are staying with Amarita’s parents but Nafeeza hopes to see them soon. “I want them,” Nafeeza said. “I want to mind them.”



  1. is this love to kill that is obsesion not love ,love means ,caring ,loving and defending,not killing in cold blood an undefensive woman ,he is a coward ,hanging is too good try some other punisment

  2. Sometime marriage don’t work out, but you have to know when to leave and say good bye. Get professional help to ease some pain and anger, it is the only way to find peace and happiness. Both should have done just that. There are many homewreakers out there but it takes two to tangle. She might have pushed him too far. I am just saying to get help and end a relationship when you are unhappy. No one have the right to take another life! America is filled with counselor, this is not the old age where family get involved. Sometime family don’t know how to help and will give advise to please someone, but that don’t mean it’s the correct way to deal with a problem. It’s a loss for both parents and their children.

  3. trev…the old folks say if you cant do the job then someone else will ha ha…fat boy could not do his home work where his wife is concerned..hey.. and then again we all feel for our own eh…his mother came out like lightening with her rotten tongue with that news eh…the dead woman cant defend herself.. his mother is the wicked witch of where ever.. wife is to be blamed yes so is the killer..if he was doing his job she wont cheat..her lover has nothing to do with noting..but as his mother said…he caught them in the act..he didnt have the balls to attack her right there and then..the lover would be charged for murdering him like him cant fight with men..

  4. bobby like you geh blow already for your bitterness …be reminded when you refer to women as bitches remember your mom…she give birth to you..take note..

  5. no u misread it…all i said…ok..let me put it this like him cant fight with man…if she was cheating and got caught u bet the man would bust his mouth in…so he killed the wife instead..see what im talking about..

  6. This mother of a killer have the nerves..she should stop accusing her daughter-in-law, she has a broken son.Instead of wanting to “mind them grandkids she should a keep her son and fix him. the damn kids are the ones who are suffering not you loony son.Pointing finger at the dead woman and want her damn kids too ,lady go screw yourself.

  7. Bob You must have had someone cheated on you ,that why you have such a response. will that guy was lacking something by he is to bi polar or dumb,that is why his wife cheated. what are you lacking ,good women will alwayz look for better man. do kill them. better yourself.

  8. Gray, you cannot hold the other man accountable.. if your spouse gets caught cheating only your spouse should be held accountable.. because if wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be any cheating to begin with.

  9. @gray I always because that you can never really hold the other party accountable (the man she was accused of cheating with).. she has to take all of the blame.

  10. “He love her so much.” Speaking at the couple’s home in Jamaica, Queens, Nafeeza said Nazir caught his wife cheating.

    oh yeah mom he loved her so much that he had to kill her….
    do you not love him so much too but you never killed him did you.
    you said your son is a good boy keep to himself and work very hard..
    you said your son caught his wife cheating but he did not have the guts and balls to kill the man she cheating with does he..
    even if she was cheating it means your son could not do it so his wife got another man to do it for her and your killer son should have told himself that the man she cheating with is better in be than he and should have left her not kill her..
    you sound like the typical mother of well known bandits who would always say their sons are good boys and always attend church when in fact their sons are known killers..


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