Granger prefers General Elections before LGE

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[]- Opposition Leader David Granger says the joint Opposition has been forced by Government to push for general elections ahead of Local Government Elections [LGE] because of the administration’s lawlessness.

During a recent interview with iNews, the Opposition Leader said the malpractice by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh has to be dealt with immediately so as to stop the illegal spending of funds that were disapproved in the National Assembly by the Opposition.

 He is of the view that the No Confidence motion is the only way this can be done. Head of the Social Change organization – BLUE CAPS – Clinton Urling called for LGE to take precedence over general elections. 

 Although the Opposition has been pushing LGE, Granger has had a change of heart.

 “It was our view that local government elections should be held first, but the lawlessness of the Minister of Finance, the illegal expenditure is something that is definitely urgent and needs to be attended to; we have to move quickly to prevent that lawlessness,” Granger told iNews.

 The motion has already been submitted to the National Assembly. It is expected to be debated when Parliament reconvenes on October 10. According to Guyana’s constitution, the President and the Cabinet must resign with immediate effect, if the motion is passed in the National Assembly.

Once this is done, the Government has three months to remain in office and prepare for elections. President Donald Ramotar has already expressed his readiness for elections if the motion is passed.




  1. S P what do u mean we do election and let the PPP win ? let the PPP win?? i dont understand that period….dont the people vote for PPP thats why it always win?? who or whom or what should let the PPP win..

  2. no no no
    Vanessa Kissoon, Oscar Clarke, Soloman and Congress place circus must be forgotten first.
    Don’t forget, there is a possible deep rift within the brotherhood for power.

  3. we in the rupununi region 9 almost 9000 from north rupununi is going for ppp/c me in know about apnu and what he will do lets call for elections and ppp will win and stop the nonsense for real

  4. M P watch it yeah…when it comes to PNC people…words like “wife” child mother/child father”money” “buy food” money to buy brand name designer stuff …see Vincent Alexander speech to blacks in guyana in sn..its like a unemployed poor marrying an unemployed poor then cry how government dont help them…then on top of that they will make a baby or two or three then the cries will get louder about bad governance..

  5. Granger should ask his PNC brother Trotman to open parliament for business so they can have their debate and vote no confidence now and not wait till whenever.

  6. Granger said the malpractice by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh has to be dealt with immediately so as to stop the illegal spending of funds that were disapproved in the National Assembly by the Opposition…

    The man just can bring himself to say the words ” combined opposition” he want it to make it look like PNC won the most votes and PPPC bullying them..

    If Granger wants to talk about malpractice by A Finance Minister then he must go to the police with his information on CralGeenige…. CrassGeenige is a blight to Guyanese..
    Granger does not know about finances Granger does not know about the constitution so the poor chap who is Burnham order taker wants to trample on the constitution and court rulings to make it appear he is a constitutional scholar..The poor sap knows nothing about ballot box killing and pnc rigged elections

  7. What illegal spending?
    They are using this money to run the country?
    If you do not gave your wife money to buy food for the children, where will they get it from?
    You people need to get your priority straight.
    You cut everything which needs funding and then ask, complain and whine for this to be done and that to be done.
    You want election because nothing of the schemes worked so far.
    It is now time to take the ball and go home so that nobody can play.


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