Granny found murdered in house

The house in which the woman's body was found.

By Leroy Smith

The house in which the woman's body was found.
The house in which the woman’s body was found.

[]- Seventy –six –year – old Carmine Ganesh of Mont Rose, East Coast Demerara was found dead in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor on Saturday, August 01 in what appeared to be a robbery/ murder.

The woman’s body was discovered with a cloth tied around her neck and a gaping wound to the back of the head. iNews understands that the mother of six lived alone but had several security cameras monitoring the activities of the premises, which she has been taking care of over the years for friends of the family.

iNews was told that the woman was last seen on Friday, July 31 after she completed her daily chores, which included cleaning the yard; however she was not spotted this morning, prompting neighbours to inform her relatives.

When relatives showed up at the house and called for the woman, they got no response, forcing a family member to scale the fence when the gruesome discovery was made.

Police are now reviewing the footage from the security cameras in an effort to capture the perpetrator (s).




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