Presidential Advisors, Ministers, MPs to get salary increases


By Jomo Paul

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan
Finance Minister, Winston Jordan

[] – Finance Minister, Winston Jordan has confirmed that the salaries for Government Ministers, Presidential Advisors and Members of Parliament may be increased pending the outcome of considerations.

This is after reports surfaced in the media that the APNU+AFC administration was considering a 100% increase for its officials and members of the National Assembly.

When contacted, Jordan told iNews on August 01, that the salaries for these officials were “under active consideration.” However the Finance Minister did not state what amount the increases would be since according to him, it is being considered.

“Salary increases are under active consideration for all member of the national assembly…If it is under active consideration, I can’t say (the amount) until it is finalized,” Jordan told iNews.

Reports have surfaced in sections of the media that the government is planning a 100% increase in salaries while the public servants will be given a 10% increase instead of 20%.

Jordan is set to present the 2015 Budget on August 10 which will details of all the increases being offered to public servants, Ministers and Members of the National Assembly will be revealed.



  1. Pirates!cheated themselves into power. Now is the time for treasure spoils.yet the narrow minded are blind to all these unfavorable events.

  2. Jokey even Stevie Wonder can see that the $10,000 school voucher was a huge political gimmick , I saw that with my own eyes when I visit Guyana , the president and PM at two school one village apart from each other, giving out $10,000 school vouchers , that sound like a government that cares about the people or its own political interest? y’all used to cuss Burnham even when y’all used to get free uniform , now y’all want idolize the PPP for a lousy $10,000,boi all yu a$$ one side .

  3. I really don’t think that there will be a 100% increase for ministers, and 10% for public servants. I’d rather wait until the budget is presented before I make a comment, that’s only fair. Some persons are going off the deep end without the benefit of empirical evidence.

  4. As I read this Article it says that they are considering this and it also says that Public Servants “might” only receive 10% increase.Granger and Moses the pair of you had better get these guys in check.You were elected to serve the people not yourselves,while it is noted that some progress has been made since you have been in power,we need to see a lot more,and not see things like these.To whom much is given much is required.FIX THIS.

  5. Lol. What a bunch of losers. They are going to run this country into the gutters.

    Again for those of you who voted for a change then here it is. I say suck it up and live with it for the next 5 years.

    APNU+AFC=PNC have already signalled the re-introduction of rice flour.

    There are many more red flags to come. Stay tuned.

  6. The salaries may be increased pending consideration. Hold your horses. Where did the 100% come from? You have to wait for the budget. I did not hear will/would/is. I really doubt that there will be increase in salaries for the ministers in this first budget. As a matter of fact i am quite sure that there will be none. I am not a member of any political party but i do not think that the new government is greedy and that STUPID. As a matter of fact, this coalition said on their campaign that salaries will be reviewed and adjusted and more likely reduced perks. I do not think that these educated and commonsense persons would do something that foolish. Let us wait and see. I will be the first to condemn that action.

  7. I agree with you and all Guyanese should be standing up to that government. Gosh can’t they wait until next year.

  8. Well well : what a no good government APNU-AFC is” the start building the bank account not their pocket, is this how they will cut government spending

  9. Guyana and Guyanese have been officially betrayed. What have these people done for the country that makes them deserving of such benefit?? Harmon needs to explain this. PPP was not perfect but they were better.

  10. It’s a trade off … all the lawyers in the APNU/AFC have to be compensated for leaving private practice to serve the people. it’s really not about serving the people of Guyana, it’s about self serving. I wish to see a massive, countrywide protest action against all the nonsense that this country has been subject to since May 12, 2015.

  11. Salary Increase Imminent For Newly Elected Government?

    The APNU+AFC government just came to power, and they are talking about increasing their salaries already,

    Are you people for real?

    You have not even served ONE year in office as yet, and you have the TEMERITY to think about increasing your salaries?

    This is just not what the Guyanese people expect from their newly elected political leadership right now.

    And can you JUSTIFY an increase in salaries right now?

  12. that is just a small token to them. that just about 50 people an that much as the public servants cant find for so much give us a few yearssssssssss

  13. Yow, joey, The election campaign is over. But then again yuh still getting paid with the stolen monies you guys gat in the hidden accounts…..2020 cummin. Hold tite…

  14. The coalition is definitely not behaving normal. I am getting worried andnow losing sleep.
    This government cannot be for real. They just prior to the elections cuss down the PPP for excesses and now they are engaged in the same fowl play.
    Oh God you all couldnt wait until half of next year.
    The economy is slowing down and instead of Jordan leading this process he contributing to the demise.
    I was never for the stopping of the 10000 grant to Amerindian and the one lap top, they could have forwarded a strategic initiative to make these systems work in the interest of the nation.
    Reshape, remould, convert, chisel it anything but make it work for all of Guyana.
    I dont support this and simply cannot. I am disappointed

  15. Change we want so change we got . can u see all these people wanted was power. what happen to the 20% for public servant. The took a 100% and give you ten. that just goes to show how much you fool who voted for them. well change you wanted change you shall have.

  16. What happened to all of the budgetary savings that APNU / AFC promised. First they went on a witch hunt to cut the former presidents benefits because Guyana is supposedly a poor country and cannot afford it. Then the government proceeded to cut the $10,000 student subsidy because they government could not afford it. Then the government claimed that the former PPP ministers had too much perks. Now all of a sudden ALL the ministers salary will be doubled and allowances will be increased. Now the government can afford and find the money for these ministers to live the rich life at the expence of the poor Guyanese people. This is the PNC days agin where the robbed the country making Guyana the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Not every three months in power and the dark days are already evident. People of Guyana do not let this Government take advantage of you – we are in the 20th century, you are smarter, more intelegent and deserve the best. APNU / AFC are all for them selves, the are a bunch of liars and are not fit to run their own house much more our county. Don’t be bullied – stand up to APNU/ AFC regardless if you are indo or Afro Guyanese decent. Unite and make serve you and not abuse the privilege given to them. I feel sorry for those of you who voted for this government because I am sure you have realized your mistake but it is bit too late to undue that.


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