Agriculture Minister denies excluding rice sector from State Boards

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder
Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder

[] – Agriculture Minister Noel Holder is dismissing claims by the Rice Producers Association (RPA) that none of its nominees were considered for the appointments on the Boards of Directors of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

On Friday, RPA President Laekah Rambrich stated that the Body submitted names to Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder but was surprised the nominees were not selected.

“The RPA was shocked when the names of the Directors of the GRDB and the NDIA were made public and not a single member nominee put forward by the association was included on any of the two boards,” said Rambrich.

However, Holder stated that, the list of Board of Directors which was gazetted showed that the RPA in fact has two members as Directors on the GRDB board contrary to what was reported by the RPA executives at their press conference.

RPA President Laekah Rambrich (center) flanked by other RPA Members. [iNews' Photo]
RPA President Laekah Rambrich (center) flanked by other RPA Members. [iNews’ Photo]
 These members were identified as Rambrich and Rickey Roopchand who are both RPA members. Also on the Board is Naith Ram, who represents the Essequibo Paddy Producers Association, Peter De Groot and Rajindra Persaud from the Millers Association and Jinnah Rahaman from the Guyana Rice Action Committee.

 The Minister stressed that GRDB board is made up of reputable members who can in fact make a meaningful contribution as the Government seeks to move the industry forward.

 With respect to the NDIA, the Ministry nominated representatives in keeping with the Act which allows for the Board to be comprised of representatives from the Regional bodies, representatives from the Water Users Association, rice farmers, representatives from the cane farmers committee, Ministry of Finance, the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) and Sea Defence. [Extracted and edited from GINA]



  1. To date i cannot find the CV for the Minister of Agri. In fact i have never heard of him or his existence. It appears that he carries the name of Sheila Holder of the AFC.
    I dont think that strategic posting of this gentleman in the agriculture ministry is correct. The ramblings will overwhelm him. Ithink he needs to be remove sooner than later, put a more vibrant young person. I expected from the time the RPA fired at the Minister for non compliance as it relates to two boards composition he should have immediately responded with a press release of his own. Waiting two to three days for the press to report is unacceptable.

  2. Well I am happy that the rice industry is going down. the fools them who voted for them use to eat a little and still live now they will eat the earth that the rice use to be planted on. well done fools


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