PM urges citizens to be conscious of new threat to Guyana’s freedom

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (right) and wife Seeta Nagamootoo with Minister of Business and Investment Dominic Gaskin at the ACDA Emancipation Day celebrations at the National Park
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (right) and wife Seeta Nagamootoo with Minister of Business and Investment Dominic Gaskin at the ACDA Emancipation Day celebrations at the National Park

[] – As Guyanese observed Emancipation Day (Freedom Day,) Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo called on citizens to be conscious of the new challenge to them and the nation’s freedom.

Speaking with reporters at the Emancipation observation at the National Park on Saturday, August 01, the Prime Minister noted the challenge “to conquer us, to enslave us, once again,” making reference to the challenge from Venezuela.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the spirit of the African ancestors to resist and fight against oppression and domination, “is still a live fight.”

“We cannot separate the struggle of African people for liberation, the struggle for a nation state of all of our Guyanese people with this new challenge to take away what we have, that is our nationality, our identity and what we are-a Guyanese people,” the PM said.

He noted that the African fight is not over, because there is still a debt that is owed. “For the reason that slavery benefited European powers, there is resistance for the recognition of that fact, even for a moral debt to be paid. The new administration fully supports this resistance for repatriation,” the PM said.Freedom 2

Guyanese from all walks of life turned out at the National Park to join the annual Emancipation celebrations, hosted by the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA.) This year, the ACDA’s event was commemorated under the theme “Rekindling Our Past Glory Through Youth Innovation”.

They were joined by several Government Ministers. The grand celebration featured a number of songs, dances and other cultural displays by both local and overseas performers. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. LA , if you and Emile Mervin worked for free for the Venezuelans , too bad for you . I can’t help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. Goodnight!

  2. It doesn’t matter which party you cheer for. The fact is, Guyanese are at a risk of losing Essequibo, and all Guyanese locally or abroad, should defend their country. From the news, I see Venezuelans are discussing this topic daily, at all levels (tv, printed press, social media, they even have their slogan on their online banking page, etc. Now, those people sure ARE showing patriotism. I can’t say the same for Guyanese. Come on people, let’s do more!

  3. Bobby..I believe that you’re the one who is still mentally enslaved.So maybe free yourself first and then you can look into freeing others,for one cannot free others unless he himself is first freed.

  4. You all just show such pathetic resentment, as to willingly bend to your benefit either any bit or stretch of history, just to accommodate your views. But there you go, ensuring mediocrity is the rule, dreaming with heroics that never were…

  5. Emile you are sooooooooo right Guyanese cannot allow the PPP ever , never to get back running Guyana. They have done way too much damage to that country.

  6. Emile , your comment is the most ridiculous , outrageous , preposterous I have ever seen .It speaks of a morbid obsession with the PPP/C ,whom you blame for every sin under the sun. Do you really believe that the Venezuelans enslaved us under the PPP/C ? Really? I never met you but I guess you are an Afro-Guyanese like me. What I will now say is with the intention of helping you. You either accept ,reject , or curse me for it .What principles did your parents teach you ? Fortunately for me I had a father who was completely emancipated from mental slavery long before Bob Marley was even born. He was a farmer and believed in hard work, education and God. Envy no man, hate no man ,treat every man as a human being until you find him to be otherwise .Respect every man’s right to differ with you. Every one of his twelve children is now relatively successful in life after following these principles. Emile ,even though slavery was abolished nearly three hundred years ago, some of us are in heavy mental chains on this Emancipation Day , thanks to our own negative thoughts and prejudices against people of other ethnic origins. Envy really springs from lack of self confidence which causes us to underachieve .Emile ,if you find yourself still bound by the evils of mental slavery, free yourself by following the principles of truth about yourselves and others. Happy Emancipation Day !!

  7. The example must come from the top. APNU/AFC have taken an important first step. But the efforts must be ongoing and sustained. The mistrust evident between the two major groups run deep.

  8. The only People who should be in POWER forever in Guyana is My Amerindian People
    For they are the owners of Guyana, but Don’t make any laws to protect them

  9. Mr. Mervin I really enjoyed reading your Comment but can you elaborate on how the PPP allowed Venezuela to enslave you I’ve been away for far too long to know how this was achieved.

  10. Indeed, Moses is speaking the truth. Venezuela had us enslaved under the PPP, but cannot do this anymore under APNU+AFC. This is why the PPP must never ever be allowed to get back in power and why the coalition has to get its act together to unite Guyanese and be seen as uniting Guyanese.


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