PPP appalled at pending salary increase for Gov’t Ministers, others

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it is appalled that the David Granger led administration is actively considering pay increases, for its Ministers, Vice Presidents, advisors and Parliamentarians.

iNews had reported that Finance Minister, Winston Jordan confirmed that the salaries for Government Ministers, Presidential Advisors and Members of Parliament maybe increased pending the outcome of considerations.

Jordan told iNews on August 01, that the salaries for these officials were “under active consideration;” however the Finance Minister did not state what amount the increases would be since according to him, it is being considered.

But the PPP in a statement resisted this move by the new government.

“The PPP condemns this act of excessive generosity to the satraps of the Granger Administration. As is establishing a bloated is not enough, the Granger Administration is now planning to rub salt in the wounds of Guyanese, by “ fixing up the boys and girls” with big pay increases.”

According to the PPP, “This is same administration which had claimed there is no money in the treasury to continue the School Uniform Voucher Programme and to give public servants a promised 20% pay increase. Moreover, the APNU+AFC, while in opposition, had accused the PPP/Civic government of excessive spending. Clearly, the Granger Administration is more concerned with living extravagant lifestyles and earning big bucks, while the population suffers, it is meat for the boys and bones for the rest of the nation.”




  1. I dont think our new Government should give that school unifourm voucher to parents, I think they should contract small sewing companies in Guyana to provide free uniforms for students (which would create more jobs)..along with the free lunch in schools. I think that was a stupid move by the ppp to pocket election votes .. thats a “Feel Good”excersise and a salary increase will do good for Guyana public servants the more People get the more they are able to spend and everybody wins small and large business alike which will intern create more jobs ….PPP is so petty and small minded ..they should be the last to talk about “living extravagant lifestyles and earning big bucks” cuz that all they did for 23 years now the rug was pulled from beneath their feet its hard to walk barefeet on cold concrete……

  2. I see nothing wrong increasing their salaries, if they have inherited a sound treasury!! The percentage increase also reflects how sound the treasury/economy is starting off under this govt. Lets take a look in three years from now.

  3. PPP did not give such increase…those in positions simply stole it. So PPP just shut the SHIT UP and swallow it. WE LOVE OUR NEW GOVT…it is the people”s choice.Your coolie mentality is suffocating you…poor thing! You were simply booted out of office…you are haters and you will have to deal with sleepless nights and talk trash to cover your shame.A recent visit to Guyana was very good. At the airport the services is highly commended and we were treated with respect.The AirPort {CJI] was hassle free.Security was very good and we felt very safe unlike when PPPwas in power. PPPwas power drunk.Just stop crying PPP and take the perfect kick out…ha! ha!

  4. studies have shown that countries that paid their elected official high salaries are the least corrupted countries , take Singapore for example, it’s has some of the highest paid elected officials and it’s the least corrupt country in the world, my only disappointment was the lousy 10% public
    servant about to receive, they deserves a lot more than 10%.

  5. Let the small man be the real man give them all a Very Good Increase now so they can live a
    reasonable life the Guyana Dream.

  6. Well i see nothing wrong with an increase for all even the government, but at least they told us. Not stolen from the poor billions over the years and showed nothing for the poor but big mansions for themselves. So all you hater who think the government shouldn’t get a rise, get a life for since the the new government came into power it has done more than ramatar has in the 3 years he’s been in power. So speak of things that worth our time.

  7. I am happy that the GOVERNMENT ministers will will have a salary increase, which will make them more committed to their work of progress for this country. Unlike the APNU/AFC,the PPP abuse our monies without telling anyone. They had a salary and still ….. THIEF!THIEF!THIEF! Go check all of them PPP.

  8. What happened. .you APNU people Guess no comments on your government salary. Who is stealing from the poor and giving to the undeserved rich. Guess your head is deep down in the mud.

  9. This government will return Guyana back to the state it left it in 1992.

    For those voted for a change (IT IS TIME) then unfortunately you will have to live with this CHANGE for the next 5 years. More CHANGES to come.

  10. The PPP failure as a Government to curb excess and answer John Public on the unusual and overnight richness of its minister was the reason why Rohee now sitting in the cold and taunting the Govt on thier excesses.
    It is wrong what the coalition plan to do with this salary increases.
    Lets forget about this for a while can Rohee come clean and say how Bharat accumulated all that wealth. Can he say how he and all the ministers were selling off their lots and having state handouts and land freebies.
    Why was he living in a state rented house in queenstown and renting his own house in Prady 2?.
    If nepotism was not rife how come i see some names who were given house lots there that have not lived in this country. Bourne and Raj Singh the fake phd.
    Why was the PPP actively handing out Guysuco properties to its ministers, Sam Hinds was given two acres of land and a house at two hundred thousand dollars a plot worth over 100 million on the market.
    Irfan was given a house and land for one and half million worth over 80 million on the free market. They questioning why Guysuco in the blues now.
    Look i get angry when i have to mentioned these things.
    Its a shame..now they crying foowl and pigs.
    Anyhow i share that view that raising salaries for ministers and mp and advisors is sending the wrong messsage. WAS THERE A CLASSIFIED SECTION OF THE 100 days plan that has these things?The governemnt is wrong wrong wrong.

  11. They haven’t done anything and should not get an increase in pay. The economy has slowed, the rice market to Venezuela disappeared, gold price has fallen; on what basis are they raising their salaries? Guyanese must express outrage and force the desth of this considetation.

  12. Say it isn’t so, APNU/AFC. Or if there has to be an increase, that (1) it is the same percentage as that given to the public servants (2) that any minister, or member of parliament, government or opposition can refuse the increase and perhaps have it paid to a registered charity of his or her choice.

  13. Even though i agree that this should not be something that should be a priority for this Administration at this time,and while i am equally appalled that something like this is even being considered as opposed to other important issues in our country right now. I say to Rohee and the PPP/C “SHUT THE HELL UP” and let persons with Merit and Dignity comment on this issue,please, you actually have the Gall to put out a statement like that. STWW”pot calling the kettle black.”


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