Four charged with million $$$ robbery of Shamdas Kirpalani

Howard Rambarose
Howard Rambarose

[]Three men appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with robbery underarms.

Howard Rambarose, 21 of Lot 6 Meadow Bank, Rajesh Singh of Lot 212 Layne Avenue and Alastair Naughton of East La Penitence were not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on Friday, December 20 at Georgetown, being armed with a gun they robbed Mahesh Chetranie of $17,250,000, property of Shamdas Kirpalani.

Police prosecutor, Bharat Mangru told the court that Singh was employed at Kirpalani on Regent Street and is responsible of depositing money at Bank of Baroda.

The Court heard that on the day in question, he and the Manager of the store, Chetranie, uplifted the money and boarded the company’s vehicle to make the deposit at the bank. While in the vicinity of Avenue of the Republic, they were “stuck up” by Rambarose and Naughton, who relived them of the money and made good their escape.

Alastair Naughton
Alastair Naughton

The Prosecutor objected to bail. Meanwhile, Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes represented Singh and argued that his client has been working with Kirpalani for the past six years.

Hughes said on the day in question, Singh was questioned by a police officer at Brickdam police station. Hughes added that Singh was beaten with a police baton by two police officers – Narine and Caesar.

According to the lawyer, there were signs of blood and visible black and blue marks on his client’s neck and he was not taken to seek medical attention.

In this regard, the Chief Magistrate asked the Prosecutor to investigate these allegations. Hughes said that Singh’s mother and daughter were also locked up and abused on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, Joan Persaud of Lot 216 Layne Avenue, Georgetown, was not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on December 20 at Georgetown, she received the sum of $370,000 knowing the same to be stolen.

The 55-year-old year old security guard was represented by Hughes, who requested that Persaud be admitted to reasonable bail. Prosecutor Mangru objected.

However, the objection was overruled and Persaud was granted $100,000 and Singh was placed on $500,000.  The others were remanded until January 14, 2014.



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