Housing Sector registers significant progress, plans abound for 2014 – Minister

Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali
Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali

[www.inewsguyana.com]Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali during a press conference on Friday (December 27) said the sector has recorded significant progress in 2013 and plans are afoot to top these achievements in 2014.

According to Ali the application for house lots process, one which has been heavily criticized for its slothfulness, is now in ‘real time’ in some areas. However, for Region Four the Ministry is still processing applications from 2010 and 2011. Ali explained that the main reason for this is because many of the persons in that region do not want to leave and insist on lands there. “I must say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find lands for housing development there” he added.

Meanwhile, the Minister noted that the East Bank has been the penultimate tier of development for the housing sector in 2013. He said it has been both challenging and interesting for his planners.

The Minister went onto boast about the construction of ‘Silica City’, which he described as the Ministry’s signature housing development project for 2014. He said it will be a project with tremendous economic, technical and tourism related benefits for the country.

“When on takes into consideration Guyana’s climate change policies, a deep water harbor and other economic related activities to grow an economy, you will understand why silica city is an amazing and a viable mid-point area for development.”

Ali told reporters that during the year over 400 persons were employed in varying skills in the new housing areas. He noted also that his Ministry will be advertising for more job opportunities for the ‘smaller man’.

Additionally approximately 8,500 house lots were distributed in 2013 while some 7,000 persons gained titles. According to the Housing Minister in 2014 his Ministry will be looking to allocate another 6,000 lots.

He noted however the demand for the turn key homes, clerical office homes and the low high income homes have been increasing.

Additionally, Ali notes that plans are afoot to expand Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara to have industrial and commercial industries which will reduce the pressure on the city’s capacity of job markets.

Several new housing schemes will also be upgraded in 2014 including Zeeburg and Zeelugt where 1,500 lots will be distributed collectively.20111228diamond11

Completion of the new highway linking Parfait Harmony closer to the Demerara Harbor Bridge is also expected in 2014.

Another important highway is the one linking the East Coast to the East Bank with designs to be completed and works to commence in early 2014.



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