BM Soat’s fence demolished after days of gripe


Public Works Ministry demolishing the illegal structure. [iNews' Photo]
Public Works Ministry demolishing the illegal structure. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Workers of the Ministry of Public Works on Friday (December 27) using an excavator, demolished a fence and two concrete structures of BM Soat’s Auto Sales show-yard at Success, East Coast of Demerara.

The demolition came three days after the Ministry initially intended to destroy the structure following a court order to that effect.

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry secured a court order instructing them to demolish the fence and all other structures sitting on the reserve and which had prevented the Ministry from proceeding with its road expansion.

On Tuesday, December 24 the Ministry made moves to have the fence wrecked but the company blocked the move by parking brand new vehicles along the fence preventing machinery from getting close enough.

On Thursday, December 26 the Ministry returned to the area and began breaking the fence, an ice cream parlor and an office used by the Auto Sales.

During the exercise, there was heavy police presence and senior operatives of the Ministry of Public Works. The directors and employees of the auto sales were also on the ground to witness the unsightly exercise which saw several derogatory remarks being made about the Ministry, Minister and the Government.

The illegal fence was demolished by the Public Works Ministry. [iNews' Photo]
The illegal fence was demolished by the Public Works Ministry. [iNews’ Photo]
Speaking with the media on Thursday, the son of the business owner related that they are in possession of a transport that awarded them the land which the ministry is now considering Government’s reserve.

The man said that what really happened is that the government decided to redesign the plan along the East Coast highway after it came up with the idea to have the road extended to a four lane highway. He said that the redesign plan took in 14 feet of their business and that is where the contention lies.

The young man told iNews that the ministry won the case when the matter was taken to court. However, after being served with the court order, the man said that he went to the court and presented his transport to the court which proved that what the government was in fact claiming as the reserve was transported to his father.

When the man asked about the next move, he said that they will continue to fight the issue in the court.

On Friday, as the ministry team moved to execute the court order, the workers were busy removing items from the structure which housed the auto sales office and another structure which house an ice cream parlor.



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