Fish Vendor robbed over $300,000; Fisherman shot at Meadow Bank Wharf



[] – A Fisherman is this morning counting his losses after being robbed by an armed bandit shortly before sunrise on Sunday, September 27.

Police say, at about 04:15 hours fish vendor Omar Esau, 49 years, of Providence, was in his motor vehicle at the Meadow Bank Wharf, when he was held up by two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm.

The perpetrators took away $380,000.00 and a cell phone and escaped.

During the incident a round was discharged by the armed man which grazed fisherman Pooran Singh, 47 years, of Unity, East Coast Demerara to his abdomen.

Investigations are in progress.




  1. Bai dem people know wa fo do .. I like how u put it dem been install.. Lol.. And dem ain’t got d amp and resistance and uf and power to make this circuit run ..infact d system na even power up .. D system dead can’t reboot nor fix .. Only d ppppp got d real ansa fo d question and d right compatible parts fo meck Guyana run efficiently ..we know dem got some arrogant jk to that think dem was Cesar and didn’t dem job and meck d rigged happen .. One like d Lenora fool ..d 65 man got a few more.. But d bass man gone fix it we got faith in he bj ..

  2. This is gt Guyana son .. ..tell d 2am man give d people gun Lic ..more legal guns need to be out their .. Not selling at a expensive cost .. Cheap and once u got lil asse and sable mind and lil up in society a lil investigation and scrutiny u can get a gun. Legal .. So when dem bai come pun u u might got something fo help u self and plus u neighbour might be able to pelt a few pellit too.. Dem bai must think before dem move in pun a target a wonder who got fire power around here

  3. Robes got to go .. Was this gov echo a few months ago .. What happen since .. Ahhh situation get worst ..the can’t do better ….

  4. The answer is STOP depending on others protection,and start being real men, not only when you drunk your BAD, its time to see a change in the forces,,,,,

  5. Fish Vendor robbed over $300,000; Fisherman shot at Meadow Bank Wharf
    They are turning in their guns by the tens of thousands to Ramjattan becauseRamjattan told Guyana he will be a bad man at the end of the gun amnesty.
    PNC bad man Ramjattan will take good care of and protect all Guyanese from bandits and give all Guyanese the “good PNC life”
    One lady told me you have to give them time since they were elected for only 4 months.
    Fist I had to correct her–they were not elected but in fact selected and installed.
    Then I give her something to think of.
    Its the same PNC people whom for umpteen year keep the drum beat that PPP cant stop crimes PPP can not protect its people and that Rohee must go.
    Well then for all these years they were beating their drum they should have been ready willing and most able to take on bandits from day one after being installed.

  6. Guyana need to do something About these bandits, you cant even walk around safe in your own country. The new president aint doing shite About this, Guyana need a saloutin for this madness


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