First Lady believes legislative changes are necessary to address adolescent sexual health



First Lady Sandra Granger addresses the forum of Guyanese women
First Lady Sandra Granger addresses the forum of Guyanese women

[] – First Lady Sandra Granger, on Saturday evening, held an interactive session with women from the Guyanese diaspora in Brooklyn where she underscores importance of education

During the meeting, which was held at Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Mrs. Granger detailed some of priority areas of work, which she will be embarking on in the near future.

The First Lady was greeted by a packed audience and laid out her plans as well as highlighted some of the work she has already started. She shared with the audience her plans for, working to raise awareness on adolescent sexual health, the effects of teenage pregnancy and most importantly ensuring a more educated nation.

Speaking on the issue of adolescent sexual health, the First Lady said she is of the view that more needs to be done in terms of legislation and raising awareness among young adolescents on the negative effects this has on an individual and their family and the State.

As a mother and a grandmother, the First Lady said things of this nature and other issues that are closely related, including trafficking in persons of young girls and statutory rape, bothers her deeply. It is for this reason she said she will use her office effectively in dealing with these matters.

Speaking on the topic of education, Mrs. Granger said she deems education as the key to a nation’s development and success. Quoting Pakistani activist for female education, Malala Yousafzai, who addressed the General Assembly during the opening ceremony on September 25, Mrs Granger said, “Education is hope, Education is development”.

While acknowledging the fact that there is still a lot more that needs to be done to improve the local education system, the First Lady said whatever can be done through her office will be done. She noted that while a pilot project has already started in Buxton, her office will be looking at the possibility of getting the project running in other communities.

Meanwhile, the First Lady’s message was well received and her initiatives have already garnered the support of the diaspora as many in attendance offered to help expand some of her ongoing projects, including the recently launched ICT project in Buxton and the remedial classes. Mrs. Granger is in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly Summit with President Granger.




  1. Any First lady should be talking long before she becomes First Lady about issues that
    affect Guyanese people,one thing she have lost her way she is not a real Amerindian
    she is living a better life than the Amerindian women who the land owners.

  2. First Lady believes legislative changes are necessary to address adolescent sexual health
    She must first talk to the press about the big one in her party. Former house speaker too big to talk about? Jr Welshman?
    On another note.
    Why you think they set up Ramjattan to carry out the 2 am curfew?
    Its a set of young girls going out their homes at that hour to meet prominent business men and men with money through illegal gains.
    Next morning they cant go to school they cant go to work.
    I dared some independent news people to go there at those hours in the mornings to see who these young girls are mostly and report back to the public which never happened. People are not blind since they see who mostly are these people this lady talking about. Close down all the night spots you want. You bet these young ladies still not home at 2 in the morning so the lady is not and will never be clued in. They just can not stop this


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