Driver fined $5,000 for assaulting Traffic Cop


Court[] – The driver who assaulted Lance Corporal Sherwyn Roberts at the Demerara Harbour Bridge on November 03, was fined $5,000 for the offense.

Terrence Morrison appeared at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on November 05 before Magistrate Christel Lambert where he pleaded guilty to assaulting a Peace Officer.

He was also charged with failing to comply with a police direction, crossing a solid yellow line and resisting arrest. He pleaded not guilty to these offenses and was released on self bail.

iNews had reported that a Traffic Rank from ‘D’ Division (West Demerara/ East Bank Essequibo), is nursing several injuries after he was beaten by an irate driver, as he was directing traffic on the West Bank Demerara location of the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

iNews was reliably informed that the driver refused to join the line leading up to the Harbour Bridge, when he was directed to do so by Lance Corporal, Roberts.

iNews understands that the driver exited his vehicle and charged towards Roberts, pushing him to ground and dealt him several punches to the body.



  1. Like it pays to assault our police men. This penalty issued is really appalling. That man should have been sent to jail for several years. These are the miscreants that traverse our highways with no respect for law and order. The magistrate should have been been suspended

  2. I wonder if it was a judge who got the trashing what justice would have been served? More and more the justice system is failing, that why the cops failure to do a better jod is the reason the citizens are paying the price, what a JOKE,,,

  3. No, that’s not the reason why cops are not respected. I beg to differ and offer some reasons why they are not respected. Cops abuse the power of the uniform. Whenever they stop you, they look forward for a bribe. They practise favouritism. They use threatening language to drive fear into you. They shout/ bark at you as if they have all the power to do as they please.the word politeness is not in their list of limited vocabulary. They are no different from bullies.

  4. This fine is ‘sweetie’ money fine. So RIDICULOUS! There should have been another zero before the coma = $50,000 fine.

  5. The drive should be jailed, he broke the law beat a cop and pay $5000.00 where is the justice. this is a reason why cops are not being respected. He should be jailed with no bail for thinking he a macho man.

  6. Here we go again. Very weak sentences by the magistrate. He should have been sentenced to no less than one month prison sentence plus a fine.Others will continue to do the same and pay a small fine, and have no respect for the police. Oh I just remember this is GUYANA . Weak Judicial System.

  7. Assaulting a LEO and only fined $5K? Pray tell how this will deter others from similar behavior and introduce discipline to road users.


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