Suspected bandits caught, beaten by residents following robbery

One of the suspected bandits who was caught.

The supermarket where the robbery occurred. [iNews' Photo]
The supermarket where the robbery occurred. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Three men suspected to be bandits were caught by residents of Mahaicony following a brazen daylight robbery at a well-known Supermarket at La Raisonable.

After the men conducted the terrorizing robbery at J. Singh and Sons Supermarket, they escaped with the car they stole from the owners of the supermarket but later crashed into a trench following a high speed chase by residents, who responded to calls for help from the victims of the robbery.

Reports reaching iNews indicated that four men were a part of the robbery; however only three men were caught by the residents with assistance from the police.

According to reports, the men walked into the shop under the pretense of being customers and held up the owners and staff at gunpoint.

One of the suspected bandits who was caught.
One of the suspected bandits who was caught.

The men forcibly demanded cash and jewellery from the store owners, who were beaten and harassed, as the men searched through the store for valuables.

The robbery at the Lot 1 La Raisonable, Mahaicony supermarket took place at 14:00 hrs on Wednesday afternoon (November 04) and reportedly lasted for an approximate 90 minutes.

It ended when a female customer, approaching the supermarket, noticed what was happening and altered residents who responded.

The car that was stolen by the bandits, which later crashed.
The car that was stolen by the bandits, which later crashed.

It was that point the men stole the car from the supermarket and attempted to escape but failed as they lost controlled during a high speed chase and plunged into a trench.

The bandits had escaped with a quantity of jewellery, cash and phone cards. They not only searched through the store for valuables but also asked for the keys to enter the upper flat in which they ransacked. Additionally, they removed a DVR and the disc from the DVR which stored the surveillance footage.

However, one of the three men captured on Wednesday received a sound thrashing from the residents before being handed over to the police. Two of the reported three others that escaped were caught by determined vigilante residents on Thursday morning around 5:30 -6:00 hrs.

One of the badly beaten suspected bandits.
One of the badly beaten suspected bandits.

On Wednesday night, the group of residents, members of the community policing group and the police force watched over the backlands where they suspected the men to be hiding.

At dawn, a resident recalled one of the suspected bandits was caught trying to quietly escape but was spotted by the residents and they rushed to the bushy area and managed to capture him.

Two of the captured bandits are reportedly under guard at a hospital while the other is assisting with investigations.





  1. I am so sadden to read my country newspapers online.When i read about all the senseless killings,robberies and such likes.I wonder what Guyana is becoming?I mean Guyana is the richest country in the Caribbean years ago Barbadian uses to migrate to Guyana with their families to seek work.Despite all the resources Guyana have its still a poor country.All them politicians are rich though but them poor citizens have to suffer.Migrate to other neighbouring Caribbean Islands to seek a better living for themselves and families.

  2. Alex B, what do you recommend? Bathe them with milk? They deserve more than what they got. Do you think that these animals have any sympathy for their victims? Or is it because of their ethnicity you feel their pain? They did not select their victims based on ethnicity. According to police reports they are linked to murders in Linden and elsewhere.
    A B you are living in fantasy land.

  3. Shouldn’t beat people like that, this mob justice proves the criminal justice system is failing. Also there must be an acknowledgement that we are a violent, uncultured and primitive people. Thank goodness i don’t live amongst those racist , uneducated, emotionally charged and vindictive people.

  4. These guys will be released at the end of this year or possible next year May in time for my 50th birthday. So, why worry since there is an incentive to continue.

  5. I think they should make these guys example to all others thinking about becoming criminals,.Their is so much more criminals out their , cause there’s no fright of the system and law !

  6. The residents should have ensured that their arms and legs be put out of action. What time did this robbery take place?
    Ramjattan! That robbery took place at 14:00 hours, yes before the close of bars and. I night clubs. So yr reasoning for the hours for night clubs and bars closure has become invalid. Have you got another strategy? Let’s hear it

  7. Great appreciation for those BRAVE villagers who took the fight to these cockroaches,everyone has to be wise and very careful when these lazy and useless bums attack them,every opportunity to eliminate all criminals should be taken by Everyone,the police is not dependable so we all have to protect each other,,,,,GREAT team work my people,

  8. They should have gotten more LICKS .
    Jail de backside for a long time .
    They can have fun with each other in PRISON’

  9. one of those “kick down the door bandits” is still young and should be in a place of learning and not prison. Therefore if sentence to jail he would be pardoned and freed by the PNC.


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