Gov’t to review tint policy for vehicles


tinted-glass[] – Government will be moving to review the existing policy regarding tint on motor vehicles as one of the components of the National Crime Fighting Strategy is the use of tint meters to determine the density of the tint on vehicle windows.

This is according to Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, who in an exclusive interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) disclosed that he intends to have a public consultation on the issue.

“We have to get more tint meters so that we can check out the tints for vehicles …I would like to go public and have a consultation on this issue of tints, how much tint and light penetration we should have, whether it should be on the back windows only …,” Minister Ramjattan related to GINA.

The Minister plans to have an open public discussion on this issue as he believes it is important.

“I need to bring to the public my take on it, and what they have to say so we can have public consensus when we move forward in relation to tint.”

On Thursday, Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman at a post- Cabinet press briefing held at the Ministry of the Presidency said that Cabinet is considering a policy for tints on vehicles’ windows.



  1. Gov’t to review tint policy for vehicles
    PPP zero police on tint= more heavily tinted.
    PPP zero tolerance on noise nuisance = more heavy booming
    PPP zero tolerance on drinking / driving= more drunk drivers more citizens being slaughtered on our roads then dont be charged for it and in some cases they kill and pay off the victims family.
    PPP zero tolerance on illegal road vending = more vendors on a bigger part of the roads.
    PPP could not and can not govern anymore since most Guyanese are now witnessing what city hall doing what fire fighters doing what GDF doing.
    They are all scrambling to clean up their very own 23 years stench they created to make PPP look bad.

  2. This would be a good move. You must be able to see who is in the car or vehicle from a distance or when they roll up on you. This is dangerous, this is how drive by happen. Identity is a factor.

  3. Well this has always been an interesting topic, all vehicles coming into Guyana have factory tints mostly at the back, I see no problem with this, its the heavily tinted vehicles that you cant see into at all they need to be targeting including vehicles of top brasses. What goes for one should go for all I think this is or was in the APNU’s manifesto leading up to election no showing of favoritism.


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