Corentyne residents take to the streets to protest crime situation


a protestor[] – It was chaos on Friday afternoon (August 21) in #45 Village, Corentyne Berbice as residents took to the streets and vented their frustration over the out of control crime situation facing their community and the country at large.

The final string was pulled on Thursday night when a female cash crop farmer, Pamela Kendall was shot in the head by bandits who invaded her home. As such, the residents staged the protest and burned tyres.

They also blocked a portion of the road with solid objects such as tree trunks, and abandoned utility poles. The frustrated residents are calling on the new APNU+AFC government to effectively tackle the crime situation in the Berbice region and urged for more police presence along the Corentyne.

The protestors claimed that almost every night a family is the victim of some sort of criminal offence. The dead woman’s family also participated in the protest, exclaiming that “something needs to be done!”

It should be noted that the residents protested for approximately an hour and left the scene when the police arrived.

The 56 – year – old cash crop farmer was shot dead at her Lot 19 #45 Corentyne Berbice home after she came face to face with a gunman in her kitchen during a power outage in the area.

Her husband, Deoram Sookchand, also a farmer, told iNews that at around 18:30 hrs, they were about to close up their doors when he left his wife in the kitchen and went into the shower.

He said shortly after he heard his wife screamed, followed by a gunshot. Sookchand said he remained in the shower and started to scream as well, after which he heard persons jumping the fence of his neighbour.

According to the traumatized man, he came out and looked for his wife and eventually found her in a pool of blood at her brother’s residence, which is a stone’s throw away from his home.

iNews understands that after she was shot, Kendall ran to her brother’s house, signaling them to help her when she collapsed. She was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.



  1. You seem to know who the murderers are sweetiecakes! If ” it’s your own that is killing each other” as you assert, there is no justification for these barbaric acts of violence and murders against innocent, hard working and peaceful citizens. The people of Berbice took the right action but it must be sustained until such time that Ramjattan resigns because he and the entire APNU/AFC are not listening nor seeing what is happening everyday.

  2. You were blind for 23 yrs you will be dealt with like the ???? Of past protest,,SHOT ,,remember the 3 in linden,,,

  3. Come on CID LOOK AT THE picture here its either domestic violence//homicide Agree with you sweetie cakes the husband is either the architect or the perpetrator matto1d

  4. When are you people going to recognise that it’s your own that is killing each other. This particular crime was crafted by this woman’s husband. Come on now Police Investigators do your work


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