“Jail, King Kong & stupid economics” – Budget debates come to stormy end

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo. [News Source Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo followed by his members walk out of Parliament. [News Source Photo]
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo followed by his members walk out of Parliament. [News Source Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo provided just the showdown that was expected when they closed off the 2015 Budget Debates in the National Assembly on Friday night.

The two were joined by Finance Minister Winston Jordan providing the wrap up argument. It should be noted that at the end of his speech, Jagdeo and his PPP members walked out of the National Assembly before Nagamootoo and Jordan spoke.

In his speech, Jagdeo told the House that he could not believe that the Budget was conceptualized by Jordan and he is disappointed in the Finance Minister.

“Not a single thing has been done for the rice industry in this budget….If we want to move this country forward we need a budget that responds to the beds of the people,” said Jagdeo.

He criticized the government on several contentious issues and policies daring the new administration to affirm that there will be no salary increases for government Ministers above the public servants increase in the next five years.

“They have a Prime Minister today who has a lot of security but the reality is he is responsible for NCN, GINA and the Chronicle…This government has a fetish for new shiny things, cars, guards. Building new arches…please do not allow them to introduce a flag for region two…one flag, one anthem; that is it,” he said.

Jagdeo also laughed off a comment that likened him to King Kong as Finance Minister Jordan slammed him on “stupid economics.” As Jagdeo finished his budget speech declaring that the PPP will never be victims, the members of the PPP walked out of Parliament behind him in protest that the Opposition is being muzzled.

When the Prime Minister rose to speak, he indicated that effectively Jagdeo tried to school two men who have been writing speeches for him for years.

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews' Photo]
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews’ Photo]
“He tried in a very bigoted way to lecture this House and to lecture to a man, the Minister of Finance who wrote his speeches and lecture; someone like me, Moses Nagamootoo who wrote his speeches,” said Nagamootoo.

He also told the House that the display was expected and nothing short of what was expected from the Former President.

“You have an Opposition that wants to masquerade as government because they have not accepted the reality that they have,” said PM.

He pointed out that while the PPP has been critical of the crime situation, it is important to note that the PPP while in government had a lot of questionable characters as friends.

Nagamootoo stated that most of these persons, including Roger Khan are now in prison. He said that while Jagdeo has criticized his security detail, the Former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds had 18 security guards.

Meanwhile, Jordan dismissed Jagdeo’s statements as “nonsensical ramblings.” He said that the constant harping and throwing back to 1992 is sickening.

“I may be a young Parliamentarian but I am an old head…is the same thing over and over…nothing speaks to the issues of the day and I am sick of it,” said Jordan.

He also said that he was surprised at the “sterility” of the speeches presented by Opposition members.



  1. Like ur comment.
    Did the ppp jail any of pnc thief who hijack the guyana Parliament and rob majority. Of guyanese. The rights anf what the voted for
    .. Lots of old boy. From burnham dictator regime on apnu side

  2. Just to reiterate Dr. Jagdeo will be the next president of this country and yes he is the Champion of the Earth.

    This is something you can’t denied. So put up or just plain SHUT UP.

  3. First off..what dr. do u speak of? jagdeo is no Dr. but just a 3rd. rate economist,maybe;.. he is no champion ..champions don’t cuss down then run from a fight…yea he’ll be the President for cell block H…lol.

  4. The people who make up the parliment now is like dogs and cats.
    The dogs want a bone and cats would not give them the cats want milk.
    Nagamootoo is talking about security for him self. WHAT SECURITY THE OTHER GUYANESE PEOPLE HAVE NONE

  5. I heard the speech and i dont see what was said thats the cause of the negative comments..The opposition leader is just trying to put things in context by reflecting back to what was the situation in 1992 compared to now. He said that Apnu was accusing the ppp of thiefing by keeping money outside the treasury when with one stroke of a pen they can transfer that money but they still havent as yet. he also criticised the attempts to label the economy as bankrupt when only a small % of GDP is use to pay external debt. he said a lot of sensible things with regards to diplomacy in dealing with venezuela. he pointed out the illegality of the forensic audits by quoting parts of the law that states that only the Auditor general has the authority to carry audits fo the public sector and many more things. i guess some ppl just cant be objective.

  6. yes Dr Bharrat is the best that Guyana ever had ask BK. He is the champion of the earth and he will be the next President in two and a half years because this pnc/afc will break up. why they don’t have Bharat Jagdeo be the second to last speaker they are trying to double bank but they cant Bharrat is too smart for them especially the finance minister/the rotten snake simatoo

  7. And everyone thought Rohee was the immature asshole.I never expected that from jagdeo, that’s so childish.Apparently its all about them and their blasted ego, not about the ppl who voted for them.

  8. A problem in proof reading. When the Prime Minister rose to speak—-“effectively JAGDEO (not Jordan)”, should have been the correct text.
    Also Minister Jordan said it all, about Jagdeo and the PooPyParty’s content of their presentation.They are insipid and lack the nessecary intellect to be an effective opposition.It will become clearer as more of the Cabals corruptness in Government , comes to light.Jagdeo of all people has the most to fear, from the forensic audits in progress, as he knows of every corrupt act that took place when the PooPyParty was in government and either approved or purposely ignored it.He is the lodestone of corruption.

  9. They are a lot of members in the PPP/C who should be in prison not sitting to debate. What the new Gov need is to move forward with investigations and put the thieves where they belong.

  10. Nagamootoo and his fictional Story telling would never end. As the PM he lacks the basic skills to uphold his humility when under pressure. The other person that has a similar attitude is Ramjattan. After Jagdeo speech Ramjattan was shouting “cuss down and run”. Why didn’t Ramjattan push for Nagamootoo to speak before Jagdeo and allow Jordan to deal with Jagdeo at the end. It shows that two persons have to be place to beat Jagdeo in a debate and even after they two persons would have spoken they would have failed to address the concerns Jagdeo raised. This could be a reason why Nagamootoo and Jordan are not writing Jagdeo’s speech any more, because they doesn’t have what it takes.

  11. I don’t expect the opposition to sit and be quiet. But this man has the temerity to speak to matters that did not matter to him, Ramotar, Rohee and all the other “criminals, that propaganda-red their way for 23 years while they were in “control.” It’s insulting, demeaning and down-right shameful. As an openly Gay Politician, his feminine side is showing, he’s whining like a woman. I am anxiously awaiting the news of their arrest!

  12. Ouch!!! Walking out, Jagdeo, is a sign of disrespect to the responsibility of representation of the people your party claims to serve. Stand and fight… displays of disrespect are outdated tactics. In an age in which bad manners has become fashionable, the use of disrespect is lost among the popular forms.

  13. Mr Jordan the sterility is due to the fact that the ppp is now a party in an intellectual desert. The only idea they ever had was how to dip their sticky fingers in the public till. Now that option is no longer viable we see the true nature of this cleptocratic class.

  14. Jagdeo continues to embarass the PPP and the ppl who voted for the PPP. Politics at this level has to be representative. He fighting everything left and right and doesnt realize that his rantings will not be able to change it.
    So what next … Let the representation we are getting be fruitful and not fill of walk out and lil meetings.
    There has to be mechanisms to inform the process. Please speaker lets have some change of rules and move forward.

  15. This piece of guano really has a nerve, no class or decorum to walk out of parliament during a debate, then again he can barely string a sentence together…. Keep on believing in your victim hood so to delude yourself and fellow brainwashed souls that your the best thing Guyana ever had


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