Accident or Premeditation? – Police shoot detained teen in mouth


By Kurt Campbell

gun[] – A police rank is in hot water after he discharged a loaded weapon at a 15-year-old who was reportedly being held for questioning in relation to a robbery.

The teen, who was identified as Alex Griffith has been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is nursing gunshot injury to his jaw.

iNews ( was informed that Griffith was taken from his East La Penitence home late last night (Wednesday, April 30) by police who told him that they wanted to interview him since he allegedly witnessed a robbery.

One family member related that the teen was at home with his mother at time and despite telling the police that he had not witnessed any robbery, he was taken forcefully to the police station. Allegations that he was beaten by the Police were also made.

Griffith was shot while enroute to the station. Allegation that it was premeditated has been leveled against one rank, who the teen has reported placed the gun to his mouth and shot him.

There has been no official word from the police on this shooting incident. Meanwhile, the injured teen, who has not been charged with any offence is under police guard at the GPHC.




  1. It is disgusting the way these officers in authority think they can abuse people. God is looking at him. They must be dealt with accordingly, they show no respect to the public. I will pray for him and his family both the police and the young lad. something must be done for our young children.


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