PPP decries Mayor Green’s Easter Day ‘thuggery’



[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says the 2014 Easter Day upheaval in which City Mayor Hamilton Green along with his ‘henchmen’ attempted to take control of cash proceeds legally collected by the Council from vendors represented a continuation of his thug legacy.

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green. [iNews' Photo]
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green. [iNews’ Photo]
The Party in a statement noted that “from the beginning Hamilton Green’s association with thuggery and violence spanned every moment in Guyana’s history” adding that “this showdown confirms the extent to which Green and his cabal will go to derail genuine efforts to root out corruption at City Hall and introduce measures for greater accountability and transparency.”

The PPP observed that over the years the proceeds from Easter day vending fees were not accounted for but instead used by a small clique at City Hall as a ‘cash cow’ and as if it belong to their personal bank accounts. 

“The Town Clerk is the target for all sorts of attacks, harassment and embarrassment because of her efforts in rooting out corruption at City Hall in Georgetown,” the PPP’s statement added.

The Party said Sooba has to be commended for her courage and firm stance in tackling corruption at City Hall.

The PPP recalled what it described as the pervasive corruption at City Hall, recalling when PRO Royston King allegedly illegally signed as acting Town Clerk to write off over $36 million in taxes to a city business.

“We expect this matter will be speedily investigated from a criminal perspective and Mr. King who is part of the Green cabal can give account for his action.”

The ruling Party further noted that while thuggery, chaos, lawlessness and corruption permeates City Hall, Opposition leader David Granger remains silent on these issues along with AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan.



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