Police to clamp down on ‘Sweet Point’; Police Superintendent says it will be ‘Sour Point’



The police raiding shops along sweet point in early January where a number of items were seized.
The police raiding shops along sweet point in early January where a number of items were seized.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The lawlessness along Orange Walk, Bourda and its environs will soon come to an end with respect to the traffic congestion and the many other activities which are in breach of the country’s laws.

This was disclosed by Officer in Charge of the Police ‘A’ Division Sub Division 1 Superintendent of Police, Robert Tyndall. The Senior Officer was at the time addressing the members of the business community with his division at the Brickdam Police Station on Wednesday evening (April 30.)

The business community gathered there on the request of A Division Commander Clifton Hicken, who along with his high command met and interacted with the business people on the way forward with respect to the new security posture along the main commercial areas of Georgetown.

When the issue of the traffic congestion, robberies, abuse and other unacceptable practices were raised by a resident of Charlotte Street, the Sub Division Officer made it clear that the police will be acting on the information immediately since according to him, it was not brought to his attention before.

The senior police officer said that the business at the centre of the problem may soon have to be renamed from ‘Sweet Point’ to ‘Sour Point’ as the police plan to take the sweetness out of the activities at the location, which affects residents in the area.

With the presence of the main shops along Sweet Point, residents who live in the area find difficulty driving onto their own drive ways, parking at their gap and when concerns are raised, there is often the issue of abuse.

One man said that the urinating and damaging of vehicles by patrons of ‘Sweet Point’ has now reached a state where the residents living in the area feel as if they have nowhere to turn for help. [Leroy Smith]



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