Yarrowkabra teen killed by alleged speeding driver on Linden/Soesdyke Highway



By Kurt Campbell

The lifeless body of Robin Hernandez lies on the roadway.
The lifeless body of Robin Hernandez lies on the roadway.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 16 -year -old Yarrowkabra boy was killed when a route 42 Timerhi/Georgetown minibus collided with him along the Linden Soesdyke Highway around 18:00hrs Wednesday evening (April 30).

The teen has been identified as Robin Hernandez. iNews (wwww.inewsguyana.com) was reliably informed that Hernandez was riding his bicycle and attempted to cross the road when the speeding bus slammed into him, killing him almost immediately.

One eyewitness recalled seeing the teen being picked up by the bus and flung into the air before landing in the corner of the road. No one in the bus was injured and its windshield was shattered by the impact.

Persons are already inquiring what the bus was doing out of its zone. iNews was unable to confirm. The driver has been taken into police custody and an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deadly incident has been launched.

The shattered minibus.
The shattered minibus.

Hernandez’s untimely death has left family members in a state of shock. Efforts to secure a comment from relatives were unsuccessful. The teen’s bruised and bloody body has since been taken to a morgue.


  1. This is crazy. How van he attempt to cross the road and the bus slammed into him? This simply means that he attemted to cross although the road wasnt clear of traffic. Spare a thought for drivers since pedestrians use the road without caution.


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