Woman’s battered body found on WCD seashore


By Leroy Smith

IMG-20150411-WA0000[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police sources have confirmed that the battered body of a woman was discovered on the West Coast Demerara (WCD) seashore.

While details are still sketchy at this time, iNews was told that the police were able to identify the woman with the assistance of relatives and persons in the area where she was found.

It is unclear if anyone was arrested in connection with the discovery.

This is the third body of a female to be found on the seashore within the past month.

iNews reporter Leroy Smith is en-route to Region 3 and will provide an update as more information becomes available.



  1. All of you guys are racist and politically biased not everything we can blame the president and ministers for. For example If a girl goes out to do wrong things, let’s say against her parents will and she ended up dying or being murdered can we blame the government? Let’s talk about real justice under this government, that case was cracked that sent evil mother and lover to prison for 200+ years (Nessa Gopaul). All the AFC AND APNU BIG HEADERS are lawyers who defends criminals but no one can question this since these guys are doing their job under natural justice, so ppl let’s be fair, we often hear politicians talk about God there is no god in politics let’s us as neutral ppl who believe in a god look at things from different angles let’s think out of the paradigm box and make conscious decisions and make fair statements I don’t like to compare our country with no other where crime is concern, we often hear politicians saying Trinidad’s so small but crime rate high, everyday someone being raped and murdered in America, folks let’s us not compare wrong things let’s help to eradicate wrong things, and we can do this by helping the authorities not condemning them.

  2. Under LFSB Security was OK You can’t blame any Government for killing like this
    if some people are SICK in the head Then if you know report them so they can be
    put away then the PNC will say The PPPC is Bad. when police in USA Kill my Brother’s
    PNC don’t and can’t say a thing about that

  3. security under the ppp / government under rohee has been in a shambles for years now and instead of seeing improvements in the security sector all you see is mayhem and open season on the women folks in the country.

    if the guyanese people allow the ppp / government to continue to fool one ethinc group in the country in to believing another ethnic group is coming to get them the ppp / government deserves to remain in power and the fault falls straight on to guyanese people who allow their neighbors, friend and acquaintances to be mislead by the morally and ethically bankrupt ppp / government.

    there is no progress if there is no security so don’t fool yourselves or let others fool you into thinking otherwise.


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