Woman mauled to death by Pit Bulls

One of the Pit Bulls with blood around his mouth. [iNews' Photo]

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

One of the Pit Bulls with blood around his mouth. [iNews' Photo]
One of the Pit Bulls with blood around his mouth. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifty – One – year old Joan Carter died today [Tuesday, August 05] after she was viciously attacked by two Pit Bulls at her Lamaha Springs home.

The woman’s Brother-in-law, Leslie Thomside told iNews he found her dead on her knees at the door of the apartment. Thomside is now considering ‘putting the dogs down’ even though they pose no threat to him or his wife [Carter’s sister] and serve as a form of security for them.

Thomside explained that his sister – in – law would be in the dogs’ company whenever he or his wife is at home. However, Carter was home alone when the incident occurred.

Carter was described to be somewhat mentally unstable and she would stay in her apartment most of the times, however, today she apparently ventured outside and was sweeping the yard when she was attacked.

The dead woman’s sister, Mariea Sue said from all appearances, Carter tried to make it back into the house, but the dogs got to her first.

Blood stains on the wall and door of the apartment. [iNews' Photo]
Blood stains on the wall and door of the apartment. [iNews’ Photo]
“She got two deep gash over the head and the blood just oozing out….when he [Thomside] came at the gate, he found the dogs at the gate with the mouth full of blood and he wanted to know if another dog was in the yard and they were fighting so he just venture at the back to just look around and then he saw her on she knees, like she was just trying to grab the door to go back in and that’s how he find she. All the blood stains on the wall like she was trying to go back in the house,” Sue explained.

The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews' Photo]
The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews’ Photo]
Carter’s only child, Faith Austin was in a state of shock at the news and rushed to the scene, upon receiving the news. The tearful daughter said her mother was a quiet and helpful person who withdrew much from the world a couple years ago.

“It’s a very tragic situation and the thought of it, it’s really sad for me right now, I really cannot say.”




  1. I know someone who got bitten by one and covered it up for the sake of the friend who owned the dog–wouldn’t tell the authorities or the hospital how it happened!

  2. these kind of dogs have a very short fuse and turns on anyone at any given time for reason still unknown ..try not to interact too much ..

  3. I am very scared of dogs. My daughter has a pitbull, of which I am not happy. I try my best to interact with it. I am so sad for the lady that died.

  4. then the opposition will come blazing that government is communist banning this banning that banning the other …even though its an animal the guyana human wrongs peole who calling themselves human rights people will have their say about government ..up to now they dont know the danger these kind of dogs posed..

  5. It is very sad indeed. The time is right for the government via the appropriate agency to outlaw having this breed of dogs in Guyana. They are banned in Trinidad. The owner should face charges for at least assault causing grevious bodily harm or even manslaughter. These attacks are becoming prevalent.

  6. I know Dogs are great pets and can be a good security, especially in Guyana. But that breed seems to cause as much grief as guns. It is the same world wide, I would say it is time the authorities rule having this breed illegal.


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