Wife dismisses police account of shooting death of alleged bandit



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Natasha Couchman
Natasha Couchman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – More eyewitnesses are opposing the Guyana Police Force’s version of the shooting to death of Diamond, East Bank Demerara resident 34 – year – old Ryan Couchman.

Police reported that the man was shot by an off duty police officer during an alleged robbery on Sunday last at the Soesdyke Junction.

The man’s wife, Natasha Couchman is calling for justice in what she says is her husband’s unlawful death since she too does not believe the story being told by the police.

The woman told Reporters that based on investigations done by the family, her husband was wrongly killed by the lawman.

“One of his friends that he went up to the creek with went in an argument with some people that he know that he had a previous vibe with and like they had a big fight at the creek…so they didn’t finish it there; they boys come away and they come behind them…The guy opened his car and just shot my husband… we speak to people by the creek and a few by the junction and that’s what they said,” the dead man’s wife said.

Eyewitnesses said Couchman was shot approximately four times at close range in his chest and abdomen. Eyewitnesses are maintaining that Couchman did not attempt to rob the policeman and believe that the police force is trying to cover up for the rank.

Ryan Couchman
Ryan Couchman

Couchman’s wife is demanding justice as she noted it is not rational that her husband would attempt to rob a police officer since he was paralyzed in his left hand.

“Everybody does want justice because I know he had issues and these news just playing with people’s feelings and twisting things, but I know he was a good person and I know there was nothing like a robbery because he even beg me to go up at the creek and I didn’t want to go because I work and I just got a bad vibe and I told him I am not going.”

The Police in a release relayed a different account, contrary to eyewitnesses report, of the shooting death of the 34 – year – old man.

The Police Force claimed that an armed policeman, in plain clothes, was attacked and robbed of his gold jewellery by three men at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara.

“During the robbery the policeman, who was being repeatedly assaulted by the perpetrators, discharged a round which fatally wounded Couchman. The two accomplices managed to escape,” a police release stated.

The police man reportedly suffered injuries and was treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Center.

Couchman is known to the police and has been previously charged on a number of occasions for robbery under arms.



  1. The mentality of some guyanese is that police is always wrong. The police kills a thief and he is wrong. The thief kills a citizen then the police fault for not capturing the thief. The drivers get a ticket for speeding the police fault, the usually blame the police for harrasment.

  2. this is always the outcry when a suspected thief is killed..the person who killed them always wrong but when u hear an innocent person is killed by a thief you dont hear a word from anyone

  3. Ryan was a career CRIMINAL ,,,he got what was coming, this thief is responsible for a lot of business places and business men and women being shot and robed ,,the so call eye witness is a his friend, moon a run till a bullet catch it ,1 thief less,, his wife could use the money from the crimes to give him a good funeral ,,

  4. The police version of the incident sounds highly suspicious. This matter should be thoroughly investigated by the police and justice done for the family of the victim.


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